Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection...

Palette L-R (Fresh Blade, Gorgeous Gold, Vicuna, Savant, Charcoal Brown & Sushigreen)

Yes. If you haven't gathered by now, I am obsessed with MAC Make-up.
The colour range is incredible in its own right, and has done things I haven't seen before.
There were a few things in the collection I saw online that I had my eye on, however I waited until it was in store at a MAC Counter, and fell in love with completely different products!
I shall save the most exciting until the end, as I have to pinch the first product I am writing about from my Mum, who got her hands on it before I did! Its the Bellgreens eye shadow palette, that features a range of greens and browns, perfect for a neutral day to night look. Four colours in the palette are limited edition (Fresh Blade, Vicuna, Savant and Sushigreen), whilst Gorgeous Gold and Charcoal Brown are stand alone colours. At £33 for set I think it is exceptional value, especially when the new Cinderella Palette is £38.50 for the majority of colours that you can buy at any time of the year...
Next up is lips, now I had been eyeing up the Oxblood lipgloss and Opera Lipstick. I got to House of Fraser and Opera didn't impress me, I found it too similar to Ruby Woo, which I happened to be wearing at the time of purchase. Oxblood lipgloss didn't disappoint me, I just found it very similar to lip-glosses I already owned. I didn't plan on looking at any other colours, however it wasn't until Barbecue caught my eye I realised how desperate I was for a matte orange shade! Yes it makes my teeth look yellow-er, but I can live with that for a pretty lip shade.
And last, but definitely not least, consistent readers will know I am gradually growing to love blushers and bronzers, and I only managed to grab Ripe Peach. Yes you read that correctly, Ripe Peach. The store assistant who was serving my Mum had been talking about the range, and my Mum mentioned how I was starting to love colour on the cheeks and had seen the blush online. Due to its popularity I just presumed it would be sold out, however I got one of the few Plymouth stocked! Its definitely one of my best purchases of 2015 yet!
Did you get your hands on any of this collection? What is your favourite? Let me know!!
Beki x 


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