Sunday, 15 March 2015

Guess who got her hands on MAC Cinderella...

As a self confessed make-up and Disney lover, when MAC announced the Cinderella collection, I knew I had to have it.
Being a student, I don't have the money to buy the whole collection, nor do I want it, as there a number of items similar to what MAC regularly sells which I could buy at anytime.
I have a rule when it comes to MAC Collections, look for limited edition colours/pieces over rebrands. I chose three products, the two pigments and a lipstick.
The packaging is somewhat similar to the usual MAC branding, however the traditional black was substituted for a pale blue colour with a non-matte finish and gold/bronze writing.
The lipstick shade I chose was Royal Ball, which is a pinky-nude colour that I would describe as a brighter version of patisserie without washing your skin out.
The two pigments are 'Pretty It Up', as olive/bronze shade, and 'Evil Stepmother', a purple shade with black undertones. I am a HUGE fan of MAC Pigments on my eyes, they last all day. I also have grey/blue eyes which means I can get away with wearing most colours on my eyes, so I cant wait to experiment with them!
So Maleficent was the previous Disney collection, and its also recently been announced that a remake of Beauty and the Beast will be the next live action Disney Princess movie, I hope MAC release a collection for this!
What Disney Princess would you like to feature their own MAC Collection?
Beki x

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