Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review: Reasons Why I #LoveTanya

I am fairly certain that if you are reading my blog, you may have heard of the lovely lady that is Tanya Burr. I have been a fan of Tanya for years and when I knew her book was coming out, I had to get my hands on it.
I have had the copy for a couple of weeks, but I am only now getting around to writing the post- forgive me!
I am going to try and keep this post fairly short, but there really are so many things I love about this book, I don't think it will be possible!
I shall start with the photographs, some of which were professionally shot, others either taken by Tanya or found in family albums. All the photos were relevant to her life, and if anything it made me realise I should take so many more photos of my life- else I will have nothing to remember in the years too come!
I also love the fact that every chapter is relevant to Tanya's career or life. Sure, we may only see 15-20 minutes of her day when she is vlogging, but whatever we see online is clearly printed in this book. The different sections on fitness, baking, growing up, make-up, hair, confidence and others were all approached so honestly, I loved it.
Another touch I found very heart warming was the option to list your favourite things in each chapter, I don't think I will be doing it in my copy of the book, however I may still list my top 10s in a different notebook.
The chapters I found most appealing to me was Growing up Part 2 and YouTube, simply because I was fascinated to see Tanya's take on things over the years. I liked reading about her jobs before YouTube and in hindsight more than likely wouldn't be where she is today without it. I then tried to imagine life without YouTube and bloggers/vloggers, and I just couldn't do it, because if it wasn't for people like Tanya, I wouldn't be typing this today.
For me the part that spoke the most to me was the way it was written. If I haven't mentioned before (but I think I have), I have so many goals and aspirations in life that I want and need to accomplish, involving both my love of musical theatre and make-up. You can tell that Tanya has always had the get up and go to follow her dreams and achieve something many amazing things with her life, and that this book really came from the heart.
The only thing I am remotely sad about is that there isn't a book signing to go to anywhere close to where I live! (Plymouth problems...)
On that note I shall sign off now!
Have any of you read Love Tanya? What did you think of it?
Beki x
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