Thursday, 29 January 2015

Silly Superstitions

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Silly Superstitions
We all have the little things in our daily routine which we need to do in order to feel normal. Take cigarettes, they have factors that can make a person addicted to them, leading them to thinking they can't do anything else until they have had a cigarette.
For me, the cigarette is gemstones- crazy huh?
My obsession with gem stones started when I was a little girl, purchasing what I thought was just a purple stone with my parents at the Aquarium when I was three. It turned out to be Amethyst and from the age of 7 I didn't let it leave my side. Obsessed was an understatement. I took it around with me in my pocket when I would always feel on edge/nervous or if something really exciting was going to happen. As I got older I stopped carrying it around with me as I didn't think I needed it as much, yet I would still do things such as sleep with the stone under my pillow, or make a wish holding it in the morning of an exam.
I came to realise around 5 months ago my piece of amethyst disappeared, and I don't have a clue where it would be. Its really baffled me as today (29th January) I have an audition for my dream university, and I was going to carry the amethyst with me, or even wish on it before I leave, but as I can't do that, now what do I do?
I can see how people would think that this completely strange, but putting it into context, switch out the amethyst for something you consistently go to- is this your silly superstition?
Beki x


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