Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas via MAC

Couldn't focus camera :(

Today’s post is a little haul/review showing some of the items I got for Christmas from the beloved MAC.

For Christmas I received 6 items, all for the eyes, these included a Glitter, Pigment, two Technakohl Liners and two Eye shadows.

Starting with shadows, I received two colours I have wanted for absolutely ages, meaning both of my palettes are nearly complete. I firstly received Electra, with is a shimmery silver colour. Its colour lasts so much better than Forgery ever will, and I am really happy with the outcome! The other colour I got was Mystery, which is a dark warm-toned brown. I have been using this colour on my brows and I love it! It makes them a lot stronger which I am currently liking!

Next up was the Glitter and Pigment. I opened the 3D Holographic Silver and squealed with excitement, as I am using this glitter for something in the next couple of weeks. I decided to wear it on Christmas day with Electra and it looked great to vamp up a smokey eye! The pigment I received was Cornflower, which is a Blue/Periwinkle colour. I saw this colour in London a couple of months ago and wanted to buy it eventually. Then as new products were released I forgot about it. Two weeks ago I swatched it in my local MAC store and I knew now was the right time to get it, and I was lucky! Unfortunately it’s not available online anymore and I had the last one in my local store, so if you do get the chance to get it- I suggest you do!

The final two products I received are from the new Technakohl collection, I went for the colours Funfare (Shocking pink) and Sourpuss (Sour/Acid Green.) I haven’t had chance to wear the colours on my eyes yet, but the swatches I did on my hand show the colours are very long lasting and true to the packaging.

Overall, I am very happy with my new products to play with! Did you get anything from MAC for Christmas?

Beki xx

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