Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dear Diary 7: When is time too much to handle?

Dear Diary,

Recently I have found myself so busy that I don't know when time is going to pause, to the point where procrastinating and worrying about the work I haven't done seems far more enjoyable than doing the work itself.

When is time too much?

I have found that I am my most happiest when I am busy with the occasional day off, but the constant thought of knowing I have too much going on is sometimes a little too much to bare.

Don't get me wrong, I am constantly busy, seven hours sleep barely feels like two, and I always feel guilty for stopping myself and taking a break.

Ultimately I know that all the work I do now is going to mean everything to me in the future, especially as lots of the things I make myself do aren't crucial right now- I just like working hard!

On that note, back to A Levels!

Beki x

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