Sunday, 2 November 2014

Wearable Blue Eye Look

I know what you may be thinking, blue eye shadow with blue eyes is a big no no, and until recently I would agree, however I have found a perfect combination blue smokey eye that will look great on a cold winter’s day(and on any eye colour!)

You will need:

·         Two lighter blue shades (I used MAC Aquadisiac and Topshop Molten Eyes in Blue Lagoon)

·         Darker Blue (MAC Naval)

·         Black liquid &/ pencil liner

·         Mascara

I also recommend using a brow product and possibly something to contour with, personally I am not a huge fan of colour on the cheeks, however I think this eye look can make you look washed out, hence why I use it.


So the first step is to do your all your make-up and leave your eyes until the end. I first of all filled my brows in, using two Soap and Glory products, but like I said if you don’t usually fill your brows you can skip this bit.

After priming my eyes, I took Aquadisiac (Picture 1) and lightly used it as a base over the whole eye. I then took Blue Lagoon (Picture 2) and placed it in the middle of the eye. As it was a crayon, I then lightly blended it out towards the outer edge of the eye. The second colour should be the brighter of the two colours, as this will make your eyes pop. Finally I took Naval (Picture 3) on the same brush and blended it from the outer inwards.

I then added some winged black liner to break it up a little bit, especially so when you add your mascara, it isn’t lost in the brightness of the blue. Once your mascara is then added, voila you are done!

I hope you liked this tutorial and kind of understood what I was saying! Let me know if you like this look and would wear it!
Beki ♡

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