Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Red Lip Lover Tag

The Red Lip Lover Tag

Okay so after attempting to do a little bit of research on the YouTube, I came to discover that most beauty gurus love lip products (hence the lip product tag from a while back..) and I thought, why don't I make my own?

My favourite lip to wear is a red lip, and as I own far too many red lips already (and still want to own many more) I felt this would be the best tag for me to create!

Rules: this tag can be done on a blog/YouTube (or any other platform of choice!), I don't use YouTube for beauty videos hence the blogpost!


What was the first red lip product you remember buying?

The first red lip product I ever purchased was Barry M Pillar Box Red. Still a favourite now!

What is your favourite red for the current season?
We are currently fading out Autumn and welcoming winter, and whilst I'm not completely ready to say goodbye to berry shades yet I thought I would treat my self a little. I recently purchased MAC Diva, the shade is perfect for the weather right now, it's not a shocking red, nor is it too berry for my liking, there are so many MAC Reds that I want I am gradually ticking them off of my list!

Most disappointing red you own?

Would have to be Max Factor Ruby Tuesday lipstick. I use it for fun more than anything, bit doesn't last in my lips even with liner and is constantly smudging and causing many issues.

All time favourite red?

This would have to be Lady Danger from MAC, I absolutely love it! Sometimes having incredibly pale skin means that certain lip colours don't look too good (candy pinks are sadly a no go...) however this bright red compliments my skin tone lovely! It's subtle orange tone doesn't leave your teeth looking to yellow either- which is always a bonus!

How many red lip products do you own?

Far too many for a 17 year old...And counting...

Favourite MAC red?

At the moment, as well as lady danger of course, it would have to be the Rihanna Viva Glam Red, I wrote a blog post on it ages ago and I love it, the colour is very long lasting, and the profits go to a good cause- it's a win win situation!

Have you found the perfect Red Gloss?

Nope! I thought I did when I purchased the MAC Maleficent gloss, but it doesn't last well at all :(

You have the opportunity to make your own red lipstick, what would its shade/tone be? Finish? Texture? Packaging? Name?

I would make a Matte in-between true red and berry shade, with subtle blue tones and hints of glitter. Similar packaging to a MAC lipstick, but a little bit more exciting, perhaps some diamonds! And I would name my lipstick Berry Beau.

That's it! I hope you enjoy the tag- let me know if you do it!
I am tagging (fingers crossed!) ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily Pebbles to do this, as I know the pair love a good strong lip!

Beki xx

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