Saturday, 1 November 2014

October Favourites

It’s that time of the month again- wait not that, Favourites time!
Vice Palette
You may or may not have seen my post a couple of days ago talking about my love for this palette, and it really is amazing! For a more in depth review click here!
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
When I initially purchased this foundation, it matched my skin, then it was too dark for me. I wear the palest shade that Rimmel does, Light Porcelain. But for some reason this month I have been able to wear this absolutely fine, but only if I am having a particularly good skin day.
Soap and Glory Brow Archery in Hot Chocolate
My last monthly favourites post showed I liked one of the two brow products Soap and Glory offers, well I finally managed to get the other brow pencil. Its double sided and comes with a spooly and pencil, and the colour is perfect for my odd colour brows!
MAC Lady Danger
This red is my all-time favourite red lipstick. I can’t quite explain how much I love this product, to the point I almost started crying when I thought I lost it in London. It compliments my pale skin very well, and combined with Cherry Lip Liner and occasionally a gloss, it lasts me all day.
Barry M toffee lipgloss
I think I have mentioned before that if I want a nude lip I tend to just go for a gloss, as I have never found a nude lip colour I like. This month my beloved toffee lipgloss has been my go to product most mornings for school, especially as my natural lip colour is fairly salmon-esque and can make me look like I still have yesterdays (non-existent) lipstick on.
Zoella Beauty
I wrote a post a couple of days ago about my love for these products, I cannot sing their praises enough, and if you want an in depth review, read this!
I am a bit of a fizzy drink obsessive, and usually in every favourites I mention a drink I enjoy, and it happens to be that this month I have been drinking coke and diet coke lots!
I am really happy that my life has slowed down a little at the moment, to give me time to read. Reading used to calm my anxiety when I was little, however when I wasn’t so well five years ago every book I read twisted my brain and turned everything into a nightmare or panic so I couldn’t sleep. Whilst I haven’t been that bad for years, I am hoping if I start reading and writing again, my body might calm down a bit and not make me so ill!
As I said a couple of days ago, I have had time to write more recently, and I am loving it. As a child singing, charities and writing were my things, and they still are today. I wrote hundreds of stories under my nans kitchen table, and was always singing little songs in my head. I have set myself a target that any days I tell myself to write and I have nothing else on, I need to write 1500 words a day, I find it that relaxing that whilst 1500 does seem to scare me, an example is 1500 words on my blog is 4/5 posts which could fill a week.
Hope you liked my monthly favourites, what are yours?


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