Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dear Diary #5: Inner Confidence

Dear diary,
Inner confidence affects us all in many different ways. Some people don’t like the way they look, the way they act or how someone may see them.

For me, as much as I may hate my skin at times, and my teeth have always been a bit of pain, my main problem is having my photograph taken- I absolutely hate it.

Last week I needed to get my headshots for university and drama school done, and I felt so uncomfortable. Towards the end everything went in my favour, and out of the several hundred photos we took there were 6/7 I liked. However I still went away knowing that when I need my headshots doing again in the future, I will still hate it.

Getting the headshots done probably helped my inner confidence in the sense that I am kind of wanting to do another shoot- yet if someone came up to me with a camera and said smile, I would still cringe.

The point I am trying to say is, do one thing a day to scare you or challenge something, who knows, one day the fear may disappear…



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