Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette...

nice finger prints...

with and without flash!
I was super excited when a lady on the Urban Decay counter told me a few weeks ago that the new Vice 3 Palette was making an appearance in featuring weeks. And on Saturday, I was able to get my hands on it, and OH MY GOSH *insert heart eyes emoji*
The colours are incredible, literally. The back of the packaging explains that the colours are all velvety, and with any combination, the perfect smokey eye is easy.
Containing 20 colours, this palette is definitely going to be my go to travel palette over the coming months, there is literally a colour for every occasion.
The first row is made up of neutrals with a hint of shimmer, placing Truth all over the eye, blend any of Undone, Downfall or DTF on the outer of the eye to make the perfect for a day natural/smokey brown eye.
The second row is made up of an emerald green named Dragon, two shades of blue, Freeze (light ice blue) and Heroine (deep navy blue) and a brown with gold tones called Brokedown. These colours instantly reminded me of water and the sea, and being an avid mermaid lover, this was perfect!
The middle row in my opinion is a step up from the first row, and if the palette fitted in your bag, these would be the colours you would add to your day look to make your night look. Vanity is a burgundy colour that will look AMAZING on anyone with hints of green in their eyes. Lucky and Reign are two shades of brown that contain red and gold tones beneath them.  Bobby Dazzle without a doubt is my favourite colour in this line, as it’s a white shimmer shadow that’s faultless wherever placed, and in my opinion, a better version of Forgery shadow or Vanilla Pigment from MAC.
Alien, Alchemy, Bondage and Sonic are all on the fourth row, and are all red toned colours, particular favourites of mine, especially in autumn. This row is probably my favourite in the palette, combined with Bobbly Dazzle and Revolver, makes a perfect autumn eye.
The final row could also be used to make a night look, but only if you want a strong, dark and sexy smokey eye. Last Sin very much reminds me of Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay, and is very shimmery! Angel is a taupe-brown colour with a similar shimmer to Last Sin, whilst Defy is a cross between a taupe and chocolate brown. Revolver is a jet black colour that has hints of shimmer, and with any colours on the palette, makes a perfect smokey look.
All in all, it’s an A+++ for the Vice 3 Palette, my only little downfall being as they are shimmery and close together, I have a feeling some fall out may happen and spread over each colour!
Have you tried the Vice 3 Palette yet? Let me know your thoughts!

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