Friday, 31 October 2014

Quick/Easy Doll Halloween Make-Up

Before and after!

Quick Doll Halloween look!

Okay so here is the drill, if you are anything like me chances are you don’t tend to celebrate Halloween and then often get invited to something last minute and think, poop what do I do? Whilst I am not going anywhere this year, the rule in our household is you aren’t allowed to get excited for Christmas until after Bonfire night, therefore in my little brain I decided by doing this tutorial I am one step closer to celebrating Christmas!

This make-up look took me approximately 10-15 minutes, which may not seem very quick, but I would like to add I was improvising all throughout the making of this look, and I hope my 4 fairly easy steps and instructions help you!

 You need:

·         white face paint or talc!

·         Black Liquid and Pencil eyeliner

·         Mascara

·         Pink Blush

·         Red Lippy

·         False eyelashes (optional)

·         Any eye shadow you wish your doll too wear (I recommend blue)

Step 1

Apply your whitening device all over the face, making it as even as possible…and then apply blush on the apples of the cheeks, don’t go sparingly, but remember, dolls were meant to look pretty and dainty, not ott like you’re an extra in TOWIE.

Step 2

Do your eye shadow over exaggerated, think Barbie/pageant queen esque. Using either your liquid or pencil eyeliner, draw on how you want your eyeliner above your eyelashes to be, I opted for a flick. I also added pencil in my waterline. Apply mascara and lashes if you wish.

Step 3

Put on your red lipstick, avoiding your cupids bow (don’t worry if you do hit it though…) Outline your lips with your black pencil liner, accentuating any points you wish.

Step 4

You can then take your liquid liner and draw on any cracks, stiches etc you want to add, if you have time you can even try to draw a line at the top to make it look as if you’re wearing a mask.

That’s it! I hope you found this simple, like I said, I managed this improvising in around 15 minutes, however don’t stress if you go wrong or it takes you a little longer!

Have a fabulous Halloween!


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