Thursday, 30 October 2014

Anxiety Chat & Zoella Beauty

Any girl (or boy) who watches beauty videos most probably would have heard of Zoella. I came across Zoe in 2012 but didn’t become an avid watcher until 2013. Like many girls I felt I could relate to Zoe in more ways than the obvious, for a start I am also from the South West as well- I’m just a little bit more southern! I am also very pale, I would say Zoe is a little darker than me, but nevertheless I can watch her and think, that should look good on me.
However the most obvious comparison is probably similarity in mental health issues, whilst I have never been formally diagnosed with depression or anxiety, the symptoms are there and have been for many years. Fortunately, I can handle it fairly well, however I tend to feel my most anxious before something happens, and that’s when I start to panic, if I am in the situation with people I am comfortable with, I am fine.
Anyway, enough on me and on to the beauty. When Zoella announced she was going to be releasing a beauty line, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Initially, I could see a Plymouth store on the list of stores for the products being sold in, which meant waiting for all the products I wanted to be in stock at the same time – aka one month later! The day the delivery arrives I pop into Superdrug to try and pick up some of Tanya’s new lashes, and low and behold, Zoella products in Superdrug! I literally didn’t know whether to laugh and cry.
I ordered the fizz bar, soak opera and candle, all of which I can give reviews about. She describes her scents as gentle vanilla and sweet flowers, and the combination of the two work brilliantly together. (Is it weird I imagine her to smell of this all the time now?) I first of all started using my candle, and I haven’t stopped lighting it, there is just something very relaxing about watching a candle burn.
The next bath I took (that sounds like I haven’t washed for a while- I have!) I chose to use the fizz bar and soak opera, and honestly, it’s up there with my love of lush products. Usually, bath bars that aren’t lush disappoint me because they aren’t as good in my opinion, but this was! Mixed with the soak opera to make a bubble bath it was the perfect bath after a morning of running and exercise (yuck), but all three products are on my too buy again list!

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