Monday, 29 September 2014

Dear Diary #3: Autumn Reflection

I've come to realise that as Autumn comes in to play, I haven't written anything this month, and I need to change.

Once again, life sometimes becomes hectic, and rather than constantly working, it's easier to switch off and avoid things, which I have definitely done this month.

But that's it, in my head I know I need to change and work harder in order to become as successful as I want to in the future. Whilst I don't always feel so motivated, planning everything out means I am able almost stay focused and get my life on track, ready for everything I want and more in the future.

Autumn is my favourite season, I say this because I can't relate anything too traumatic to my life in the season, plus I love autumn colours.

As mentioned, I am ready for a little bit of a change to get my life on track again, on the blog and at school.

So expect more from me as Autumn blossoms and slowly heads for Winter.

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