Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Channelling Chanel

lets just ignore the pictures and hideous seflies, okay? okay.

'Once upon a time their was a little girl named Beki, who dreamt of owning a Chanel lipstick and Handbag when she grew up'

And last week, that dream came true- kinda...

So as I walked out of the Covent Garden MAC store and turned to the right, I saw the Chanel store in the corner of my eye and headed there to swatch lipstick colours, and that's when I decided to buy my first ever Chanel Lipstick.

Selecting a sheer coral toned pink (known as Bohème) I didn't even think about the price, so I asked at the till and cringed, but when the cashier told me it was £25, my heart didn't completely freeze, as ultimately, yes it's pricey, but I pay £15 for a MAC lipstick and this is a colour I will save for nicer occasions, especially as I don't wear sheer lipsticks very often, but ultimately I know I will get my money's worth.
I don't have a bad word to say about this lipstick, its the perfect combination between sticky and dry,the formula and colour are fairly long lasting, but I don't mind topping up lipstick so that doesn't bother me.

And as for the handbag? We shall probably have to wait a few years for that one...

Beki xx

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