Friday, 22 August 2014

Motivation To Work & Catch Up

It took 3 procrastinating days to write this...yawwwwn.
I decided to dedicate this week to doing the school work that I needed to do, however, I have been the biggest procrastinator I have ever been. I have literally typed one sentence of the course of 3 days...

Anyway I just wanted say sorry this month hasn't been very blog orientated, I have been very busy but also very lazy, and writing blog post were one of the last things I wanted to do!

I really do enjoy writing blog posts, I hope one day to blog everyday, but that wont be for a while- perhaps next year?

Anyway please stick around! I have some things that I think are really exciting planned for October onwards, and would love your support!

Which leads me into, are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? I really don't post on it very often, but I am hoping that will also change soon as well. Link:

So once again, sorry and thank you, I promise I will get better!

Beki <3

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