Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Little Mix New Collection Review

Hello all!

So I said I didn’t want the blog to be very beauty based this month…I lied.

Little Mix’s new make-up collection launched on the 30th of July, and since I reviewed it last time I felt I would have to review it this time.

I am going to try and keep this short and sweet, as I can ramble on a bit…

Firstly they released a mini eye shadow palette, which contains five colours, to which they said in an interview was similar to a ‘Naked Palette’ from Urban Decay.

The colours being (top-bottom represents left-right):

·         Feather

·         Sunkissed

·         Golden Sand

·         Dazzling Brown

·         Cocoa Dream

·         Blackbird

4 of the 5 colours have good lasting and show up my eyes/skin very full, however Feather doesn’t seem to show up on my skin very well, regardless of how many layers I do.

Nevertheless, for £2.99 and its compact size, nobody can complain!

Now onto lips…

Each of the girls released a balm to correspond with their previous collection, you could say a primer, flavours and scents being:

·         Leigh-Anne – Mint

·         Jesy – Vanilla

·         Jade – Raspberry

·         Perrie – No Scent (she has no sense of smell!)

All the balms are very moisturising and at £1.99 are also a good bargain/substitute to a chapstick if it’s too hand.

However there are two scents which I must say aren’t to my liking, and that’s Jesy’s and Perrie’s, whilst Perrie’s has no scent, the smell that is there is very ‘chemically/product-esque’ and I just don’t like that. As for Jesy’s, I am personally not a fan of fake vanilla smells.

Overall, the new range of products are still at a high standard like last year’s range, and I do know what products I will be reaching to use more than others.

Beki xx


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