Friday, 22 August 2014

Motivation To Work & Catch Up

It took 3 procrastinating days to write this...yawwwwn.
I decided to dedicate this week to doing the school work that I needed to do, however, I have been the biggest procrastinator I have ever been. I have literally typed one sentence of the course of 3 days...

Anyway I just wanted say sorry this month hasn't been very blog orientated, I have been very busy but also very lazy, and writing blog post were one of the last things I wanted to do!

I really do enjoy writing blog posts, I hope one day to blog everyday, but that wont be for a while- perhaps next year?

Anyway please stick around! I have some things that I think are really exciting planned for October onwards, and would love your support!

Which leads me into, are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? I really don't post on it very often, but I am hoping that will also change soon as well. Link:

So once again, sorry and thank you, I promise I will get better!

Beki <3

Friday, 15 August 2014

Dear Diary #2: 'Boob Chat'

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I am a little keen about finding out about charities/events/promotions all to do with awareness.

Today I am going to try and briefly chat to you about Boobs. Everyone has them, for women they are often perceived as a 'sexual object', and can make or break a woman (and I am presuming occasionally a mans) confidence depending on shape or size.

I always try and buy something relevant to a charity, and what I mean by this is if a jewellers or brand releases something in connection to a charity, I always try and get it, as I think its such a nice idea and keepsake, and also a nice way of acknowledging a charity.
Recently I painted my nails a nice summer pink colour (Tanya Burr's 'Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You), where I reminded myself of a campaign for Breast Cancer a couple of years ago, known as Pinkie Pink. Women (and men!) could paint their baby fingers with a colour specifically from Nails Inc to help raise awareness of the charity.

Anyway, it wasn't until I checked my instagram to see that Tanya Burr had posted her #2Fingers2BreastCancer selfie and saw that not only the nail polish I was wearing was a campaign colour, but also a new campaign had arisen and I wanted to jump on the band wagon.

As mentioned, I said I was going to talk to you about boobs- and to be more precise Boob worshippers?! There are many celebs who openly talk about their private experiences with diseases and cancers etc, but in my opinion, not quite like Dawn O'Porter. Some of you reading this may know I love that woman anyway, but I also love how she isn't afraid to talk about the things that we maybe thinking or questioning in our minds.

As well as organising fundraising events for breast cancer charities, she released a book entitled 'The Booby Trap' in September last year, where she had collected many a story or poem from celebrities and icons in order to help raise money for breast cancer charities.

Realising that this blog post now seems a little long, I now want to talk about Coppafeel, a charity that the easiest thing to say is LOVE. I had briefly heard of the charity before Kris' documentary aired on television, but it didn't really hit me until I saw the documentary, and that's when I knew that I wanted to work with the charity one day. (but that's waaaaaaay in the future.)

Coppafeel has a free service where it sends text messages to anybody who signs up to the service reminding them (or a loved one!) to check your boobs, whether you be male or female. It is crucial, potentially life saving and will literally take a minute of the day.

Link to text messaging sign up:

I think I will leave it there for now, especially as I have typed the words breast/boob so many times in the past 15 minutes I am going a little crazy.

I hoped this post has helped one/some of you, a I mentioned I am trying to steer clear of beauty based posts a little bit because of how beauty based July was, and this is more of what I want to do in the future.

Beki xx


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Little Mix New Collection Review

Hello all!

So I said I didn’t want the blog to be very beauty based this month…I lied.

Little Mix’s new make-up collection launched on the 30th of July, and since I reviewed it last time I felt I would have to review it this time.

I am going to try and keep this short and sweet, as I can ramble on a bit…

Firstly they released a mini eye shadow palette, which contains five colours, to which they said in an interview was similar to a ‘Naked Palette’ from Urban Decay.

The colours being (top-bottom represents left-right):

·         Feather

·         Sunkissed

·         Golden Sand

·         Dazzling Brown

·         Cocoa Dream

·         Blackbird

4 of the 5 colours have good lasting and show up my eyes/skin very full, however Feather doesn’t seem to show up on my skin very well, regardless of how many layers I do.

Nevertheless, for £2.99 and its compact size, nobody can complain!

Now onto lips…

Each of the girls released a balm to correspond with their previous collection, you could say a primer, flavours and scents being:

·         Leigh-Anne – Mint

·         Jesy – Vanilla

·         Jade – Raspberry

·         Perrie – No Scent (she has no sense of smell!)

All the balms are very moisturising and at £1.99 are also a good bargain/substitute to a chapstick if it’s too hand.

However there are two scents which I must say aren’t to my liking, and that’s Jesy’s and Perrie’s, whilst Perrie’s has no scent, the smell that is there is very ‘chemically/product-esque’ and I just don’t like that. As for Jesy’s, I am personally not a fan of fake vanilla smells.

Overall, the new range of products are still at a high standard like last year’s range, and I do know what products I will be reaching to use more than others.

Beki xx


Friday, 8 August 2014

Hello August!

Hello lovely people reading this post!
After taking a lovely week off to attend a funeral, wedding and have some lovely fun in the British sun, I have come to realise I am missing blogging.

On the left, my wedding look about 8 hours after I
was ready, and my make-up practically stayed in
 place, (cropped because nieces/nephews/godson).
 Top right, Granddads funeral flowers, it was lovely in
its own way<3 And the bottom right, my hair the day
after the wedding, FRIZZY.

Whilst when I go back to school in September I don't think I will be able to blog everyday, I certainly will be aiming to get at least 2/3 posts up a week (again please don't quote me.)
As mentioned, I have missed blogging this past week, the tweeting and 'hashtagging' (#cringe haha) and sense of organisation is something I am really enjoying. One thing I am also finding fascinating is that people (you?!) are still reading my blog even if I haven't posted something new - so that's why I am writing this post now, as a bit of a filler until I write the posts I have planned for the next couple of weeks.
Obviously July was very beauty based, as for me that was fairly easy to fill up most days. However I always said that I wanted this blog to be a bit of beauty, a bit of singing and a bit of life 'generally'. So if any of you reading this have any ideas or suggestions of posts that you want me to write about, please feel free to tweet/contact me (that felt weird to type..) because I would love to know ideas!
I really want to try and get a bit more singing stuff done, especially as I have been feeling a little confused out by it all recently- I'm not going into too much detail now as this is a post I will hopefully upload within the next week or so, and maybe with a new cover (if I have time to film it!)
Take care and new better stuff soon I promise!
Beki xx
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