Sunday, 6 July 2014

What's in my handbag make-up bag?

There’s nothing more annoying than spending ages on your make-up each morning, and it all disappearing half way through the day. One way I control this is by carrying a portable and small make-up bag in any bag I take, school, singing lessons, doctors, you name it it’s in there.

This make-up bag contains other general items as well as make-up, so it’s basically a handbag bible.

So today I thought I would show you what I carry around with me J

Bag: Is a make-up bag from Harrods, Now I know what you’re thinking, Harrods is expensive, well this make-up bag wasn’t, I think the range was reduced any way, but I wouldn’t say … is overpriced. I absolutely love Strawberries and strawberry print items anyway, and I needed a new little make-up bag, so all in all it was a very good decision and it fits everything I need in it.
Perfume: I always have body spray/deodorant and perfume on me, as for me, someone who is very conscious of being smelly, there is nothing worse than thinking you smell. I carry around with me whatever perfume I am currently wearing, and at the moment that is, Alien Eau Extraordinaire by Theirry Mulger.
Nail Glue: I often wear fake nails, so I always carry nail glue around with me, and whenever one breaks, I literally have to glue it on instantly as I can’t bare it. Leading to my friends often laughing at me sitting at a table getting nail glue out of my bag!

Lip Stuff: Why carry one lip product when you can carry three? For lip balms I use either the Nivea essential care stick or the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm in Lime. If I am wearing a specific lip colour, this will also be in the makeup bag, however I also carry the Barry M lip gloss in Toffee as that also smells yummy!), as I think the colour is good for everyday/evening wear.
Hand gel and Pills: This hand gel is from The Body Shop, and the current scent I am using is Strawberry, I love the smell so much! I also own the pink grapefruit and mandarin because you can never have enough hand gel!And for the pills? The legal kind that are pretty self explanatory!


Powder: Whilst I wear MAC powder day to day, I carry the Soap and Glory Translucent‘One Heck of a Blot’ powder, as it has a really good mirror, and also its very good coverage.
 Eyes: I carry the Urban Decay Foreshadow palette, which has been discontinued for some time now, but it’s a perfect palette for on the go, its miniature and the colours last ages. It contains, Oil Stick, Stray Dog, Midnight Cowboy (FYI Favourite eyeshadow ever) and flipside, in my opinion these colours are really good with any makeup you’re already wearing, whether this be a smokey eye, neutral or a pop of colour. I also keep a miniature No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in the palette if my eyebrows need topping up.
Concealer and Mascara: Concealer? Easy. Collection lasting perfection concealer, I wear light, but couldn't link it...It covers everything, cheap, lasts for ages and matches my skin tone perfectly- what more could I ask for?This is a tester of the They’re real Mascarafrom Benefit, I don’t really like this Mascara, but I think it’s nice to carry around a mini mascara with you especially if your eyelashes are anything like mine and absorb mascara!    
Brushes: How do you apply everything I hear you say? Well let me introduce you to the RealTechniques Mini Brush Trio,(which let’s be honest you probably have already seen before). I am a major fan of Real Techniques, so this is perfect. It contains a mini base shadow brush, mini foundation brush and mini foundation brush, so it saves carrying every big brush around with you and I really like them!
Hair Stuff: I say hair stuff because these items are pretty self-explanatory, being a hairbrush with two hair bobbles and some hair grips, because my hair is so long sometimes its nicer to tie it up!

So that’s it for my handbag make-up bag/survival kit!

What’s in yours?

Beki x


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