Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What's in my bag?

Had to put flash on to see what's inside!

Okay so the penultimate blog post for July is 'What's in my bag,' so I shall guide you through with pictures, however its pretty self explanatory! My bag is from River Island and I think its a really good size and good quality, however its only downfall is the first time I used it my jeans rubbed against the fabric and dyed the back :(

Just my purse from Ted Baker!

Yep, that's 8 different products to help avoid sweat- lovely.

Many a receipt from the past week!

Sunglasses and an Umbrella- English Weather is very unpredictable!

Make-up touch ups!

Other General Bits and Bobs.

And finally fairly tangled earphones!

And that's it!

Beki <3


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