Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Colours of the Rainbow Beauty Tag...

Okay so today I am doing a tag that I saw on YouTube a while ago and like the look of-  ‘Colours of Rainbow beauty.'
Red- This was my first ever red lipstick, and still remains to be one of my favourites, and that is Pillarbox Red (121) from Barry M, lovely colour, long lasting and cheap!

Orange- my favourite ever lip colour, Punch Drunk Urban decay. Again a long lasting lip colour, worth its money and in my opinion nice on all skin tones.

Yellow- This is a yellow lipgloss from the recent Playland Collection from MAC. Its odd, but I like it, I think it’s nice over the top of some matte lipsticks, however I need to find a different brush because I don’t like getting the end dirty!

Pink- MAC brush cleanser, its pink and my favourite brush cleanser! Simple!

Green- Eos lip balm in Melon/Honeydew. It’s a green pot and whilst the product is a cream colour, it works wonders on my lips and is currently my favourite balm J I also own the Lemon and Sherbet flavour which in my opinion is very sweet, but works just as well.

Indigo/Purple- my all-time favourite perfume, Lola from Marc Jacobs. Smells amazing, as does any other Marc Jacobs perfume and I DEFINITELY recommend it!

Blue- kind of cheating, it’s a bluey/green/black lipgloss from Givenchy, see this post for more detail!
Rainbow- Urban Decay Electric Palette, an array of colours, all very bright and ‘electric’ and fun to work with!


And that’s it! A fairly short post but it’s a fairly self-explanatory tag!


See you tomorrow hopefully with a singing cover!

Beki xx


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