Monday, 7 July 2014

Stress vs. Me

- side note, when I first planned to write about this, I was just going to talk about stress within school and deadlines, and then I developed shingles, which can be linked with stress, so that’s all good.-

When I come home from school I literally like to sit and do nothing because I work so hard in the day. My mum often says to me do you have work to do, which I do, but choose not to do it as I say to myself Ii have worked too hard during the day, and then I end up leaving it all last minute and stressing myself out!

For me, the last time I felt stressed as probably around the 18th/19th of June, when I realised I had so much to do between now and really the beginning-middle of July for the blog, school and generally my life.

When I am stressed, I usually become run down groggy, moody and end up almost getting the flu, this doesn't happen very often, as I am usually very good at not stressing myself out too much however, this year alone I have been the most run down I have ever been, and on separate occasions chosen to take a day off from Sixth Form, saying to myself I will catch up on work, and ended up sitting doing nothing.

So over the years I have found ways of helping me deal with stress, and shall now share them with you.

There are three steps,

Personal Space-

We all need a bit of me time every now and then, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Often sit and do nothing, not the best thing to do, but sitting and watching TV and just not thinking about something often chills me out, however, as I said, this is not the best thing to do. This is okay if you have completed lots of things on your to do list and know you can take a break, however, I definitely do this more than I should!

A personal favourite of mine is to take a bubble bath, relax, have a shower pop a onesie on and then dance around my room to me favourite feel good songs (Katy Perry and Boy-bands obviously!) This could be yours or to sit and watch a movie with friends or by yourself, just do something that makes you forget your worries every now and then.


Organising yourself is key. I am naturally an organised (but untidy) person, so much so Monica from Friends would be proud.

Make a list and don't ever think 'oh I’ll remember to do that' because trust me you will forget until last minute unless all you do is sit and think about it, which again isn't good for you or your brain. Make a to do list on your phone or notebook (or both!), and then when it comes to having to get jobs done you can tick off as you go. And don't fret if you feel like you are doing loads and nothing is being done, sometimes it takes hours to complete one thing and then suddenly your list is shorter.

You don’t necessarily need to use different coloured pens like I do, but I find colour coordinating a subject can often be useful!



Similarly to organisation, if you feel the sudden need to work, do it. Drop everything and get on with it. There have been days where I have skipped lunch and dinner to finish coursework because I knew if I stopped I wouldn’t continue. Obviously if you know you can eat a meal and carry on working do this, but don’t be angry with yourself or your friends if you have to cancel plans to work, it all counts in the end.


And that’s it! I think a healthy work/life balance is split between weekdays and weekends;

Weekdays- 65% Work, 35% life (personal time!).

Weekends- 45% Work (this can be any coursework or jobs), 55% life.


Beki xx


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