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My Skin Care Story...

Its safe to say, my spots are mainly due to hormones and stress, my major outbreaks all seem to be around times where I may not be feeling 100% myself on the inside, and spots just made me and my confidence feel even worse. This isn't a skincare regime or sponsored post saying this will help your skin, as really nothing works on mine, this is just my story.

October 2013, 16 and
 make-up free!
At the age of 14, I vividly remember getting my first spot on the side of my nose, and from then onwards I always got an occasional spot either on my nose, chin or forehead, the worst being 5 months before my 16th birthday having a grand total of 4- yes 4 spots on my forehead. I was very fortunate, and hoped that I would be this lucky as I got older, and it wasn’t the case.

Between my 16th, Prom and a trip to Borneo my skin went through stages, clear one minute, an odd spot the next, to major spots on my chin and forehead the day I flew to Borneo, where I would be in very hot sweaty weather for two weeks, without make-up and plenty of photos- oh the joy. I had also started taking the Contraceptive Pill in the February as part of my medication for Borneo, I believed this helped keep my skin good.

Thanks to the make-up artist which made my
skin literally look airbrushed for Prom.
Luckily, towards the end of the trip, my skin cleared up and went to what I considered its normal self, the odd spot here or there combined with a few black heads.

But shortly before Christmas last year, I noticed I started to get many spots on my forehead and chin, similar and then progressively worse than back in Borneo. I remember that’s when my obsession with make-up properly started, because I always wanted my skin to look as flawless as I could, whether that meant wearing a fair bit of eye shadow to distract away from my spots, who knew, either way, my routine changed.
Then came February, where my Estee Lauder foundation just wasn’t doing me justice any more, very little coverage over my spots left me feeling constantly self-conscious, as well as always carrying my make-up in my handbag and topping up maybe every 2-3 hours. I decided I would try to go back on the Pill, it helped my skin last year, and hopefully it would work this year. Wrong. It made no difference, and alongside £40 I had spent on La Roche Posay products were working extremely slowly if not weren’t working at all, it seemed like nothing was working for me.

4 months later and BAM-
the no make-up selfie.
That’s when I headed to MAC, where I purchased a new concealer, foundation and powder, which in my opinion, probably made my spots worst, but covered them better. Thankfully, the foundation, powder, concealer plus another concealer from Collection meant I could keep my skin looking ‘fine’ until I came home, which would be when I take my make-up off and become anti-social by not seeing anyone.
Then the dreaded happened. The no make-up selfies trend became viral on Facebook and I had been tagged by numerous friends to do it. I was petrified, none of my friends knew how bad my skin was, I would tell them, but they would be like, ‘it isn’t that bad because you covered it’, two days after being tagged at least 3 or 4 times, I bit the bullet and uploaded it, expressing my fear of being facially naked, and hating every single second of it, luckily nothing was said, but it meant I still didn’t want to go out with nothing on.
Make-up had been applied VERY
thickly 8+ hours earlier and
I still wasn't happy.
By May it was all becoming too much, my skin was starting the clear up, but just as it did, more spots would appear, and I was getting them in places I had never had them, around my mouth, on my cheek, in my eyebrows and it was getting just annoying. There were days where I couldn’t be bothered to get up earlier and do my make-up, but I had too, as I couldn’t bare going to school looking the way I did. I went to my doctors and told him about it, and he prescribed me with antibiotics and a cream. 
Side effects of the cream lead me to having extremely dry skin, nothing like have had before, but on the whole helped. The tablets caused me real problems the first week to ten days I took them and caused me to not eat for the best part of a week, due to constantly feeling sick, they were designed to clear up the spots on my face and back, which they have, just not as effectively as I liked.

The products I use morning, noon and night.
Now we are in July, my skin is getting better and is probably the best I am going to have for a while. I still use La Roche Posay products, along with a few others, and every day I do the same skincare routines, morning, afternoon and night, whatever it is its working, because its working in hope that my skin will stay the best it can, as I have lots planned over the next few months, and I don’t want my skin affecting my confidence and getting in the way of it.


I hope this wasn’t too boring and you were able to find something helpful!


Beki xx


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