Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Mac Palettes

My MAC Palettes are becoming something very very close to my heart, that I really do not want to ever get rid of, and since I am obsessed with MAC products, I thought I would share them with you!

I have two palettes- a quad and a large palette.

Quad Palette:

My quad is what I call my daily palette, and contains colours that I will use almost every day.

These are:

·         Carbon

This is a Matt Black colour which I like to use either with a smokey eye or alongside my liner!

·         Copperplate


This is a colour I use on my eyebrows, it’s not an obvious choice and I got odd looks from MAC staff when I said I was going to use it for that, but trust me it matches my odd coloured brows perfectly!

·         Seedy Pearl

L-R, (look closely!) Forgery, Copperplate, Seedy Pearl, Carbon.
This is a nice pale frosted pink colour similar to colours in the Naked 3 palette, I like this because it means I don’t necessarily need my Naked 3 palette on me all the time, and the colour compliments the colours of my eyes.

·         Forgery

This is probably a colour I am most disappointed with out of all of my colours, as it just isn’t like what it looks in the pan. So much so I wish I didn’t purchase it as I end up using my Vanilla pigment all the time instead. However I have found that using it under my brow bone or right in the inside of my eye works, but overall disappointed L

For me these are all the perfect four, even including Forgery!

Large (Incomplete) Palette:

·         Kelly

This is a dark-ish buildable green colour. I like to wear green clothing as it compliments my skin tone and I wanted a matt green shadow to be wear with it, as I only own a shimmer Urban Decay.

·         Brick

L-R, Kelly, Brick, Naval, Aquadisiac,
Vibrant Grape and Beautiful Iris.
Similar to Kelly, Brick is a buildable Red colour. I’m still not 100% sure why I purchased a red shadow, but it has come in useful for a future make-up routine! I’m sure it will be useful one day…

      ·         Naval

Having bluey/grey eyes, I can get away with wearing some blue eye shadows, and as a fan on a smokey eye, I decided to purchase Naval to use as a substitute to a black (Carbon!) when doing a nude-ish smokey eye.

      ·         Aquadisiac

This is an aqua/turquoise colour and it’s absolutely stunning, I purchased this alongside Vibrant Grape and Beautiful Iris for a wedding I am going to soon as my dress features all these colours.

·         Beautiful Iris

This is a very shimmery lilac colour, and like the title says, it’s beautiful. If you are thinking of buying the colour you need to be aware it needs to be layered else you will look like you have been punched in the eye with glitter!

·         Vibrant Grape

The story is is that I sent my Mum into MAC to buy this and the two previous colours, and because she didn’t like Beautiful Iris on its own, she purchased Vibrant Grape and was like ‘they look nice together’, she’s right, but it wasn’t a necessary purchase!

And that's it for now! There are many more colours I want, and I shall update if I ever buy anymore!

Beki <3

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