Monday, 28 July 2014

Minor Make-up Haul

So I am going to a wedding in less than a week, and I have purchased some last minute bits for the event(as well as some others).

Okay these are the only purchases not for the wedding, the day this goes up I am partaking in a musical theatre workshop week which I am both very excited and nervous about, and I get very sweaty, so I have the dry shampoo, wipes and moisturiser in a travel size to try and hide the sweatiness. I usually use the simple wipes as they are nice on my skin, but they were sold out so Nivea it is :(

Sorry if the quality is still bad, you'll see why when I scroll down. Anyway I bought the Real Techniques Powder Brush on Tuesday along with the travel stuff^^ and everything else was purchased on Thursday with my friend Sarah, who is an enabler...(says me who persuaded her to buy the powder brush!)

I decided to get the MAC Studio Fix Powder purely because I use the liquid foundation and I don't think the mineralize powder is working for me in the new UK heat. Plus, as my skin is starting to get better and the powder in buildable, I can go out just wearing the powder and wearing equally as confident.

Collection Blush in Cheeky, I have mentioned before that I am not a blush nor bronzer girl, and in the past month I have stepped out and tried both and loved them! I'm not ready to branch out and buy bronze and blush palettes yet but never say never! Anyway cheeky for me is the colour of my cheeks naturally with a slight shimmer, and I thought would look nice with the extremely pale bronzer I use for the wedding.

I also purchased a collection lip liner in the colour Pink Heaven, and its just a neutral pink which I thought would be nice just to help shape my lips, and it was cheap!
Lastly I purchased the Topshop eyebrow/eyelash brush, now with student discount I got it to £3.60,and it was almost an enabler purchase again, and very spur of the moment, however using it its definitely the right decision, as I don't think I have ever brushed my brows before!

As I found when I did an online Superdrug order, and clicked the wrong colour lipstick. I emailed instantly to try and change it and heard nothing back, thankfully my dad went in and spoke to the manager and explained it, however I am very very lucky that this happened, else I would have had to buy another lipstick and be stuck with a colour I already have.

I ordered a packet of clear mini elastic hair bands things, for the wedding as they are a bit nicer than an old hairband, which consequently I have lost since typing this and now I have no hair bobbles at my dads for 2 weeks. yay.

I also made use of the 2 for £10 offer, purchasing the Rimmel Kate Moss Gel Black Liner (not its actual name but I binned the packaging...) and I love it! I wanted to also buy the emerald colour but decided on the black as I would make more use of it initially, and wanted to be sure I liked it! The texture is fabulous and so long lasting, put it like this, I get very sweaty and hot in the heat, and it hasn't moved at all. As you can see I poked and played before I took the photo,oops.
The last thing in the picture are my new USB Batteries for my camera- YAY NEW BATTERIES MEAN BETTER PHOTOS AND NEW VIDEOS *contains excitement*. I have had my eyes on the Moixa USB Batteries for sometime, and I am so glad I got them, they aren't too pricey, I paid £8.20 for two and I am definitely considering buying a second pack. They take a while to charge but last absolutely ages, and they are a little more environmentally friendly which I love.
The last thing I purchased was the other 2 for £10 item-the lipstick. The lipstick I stupidly ordered incorrectly. I wanted the Kate Moss Lipstick in 33 and ordered 32, yep how daft can you get. As mentioned my Dad spoke to the manager explained that I emailed and had heard nothing back, and he exchanged it instantly, and this was not what expected especially as the lipstick didn't come in packaging- and it's a lipstick!!! Anyway the colour 33 is a really pretty baby pink colour which I am going to wear to the wedding with my Barry M Strawberry gloss.

That's it!

I hope you liked my haul, and I am planning on doing a Wedding Look book/Get Ready with me post so you can see how all this stuff looked on me face!



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