Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lip Liner- To Love or To Loathe?

For how obsessed I am with Lip products, I have only purchased myself Lip Liners within the past couple of weeks.

The reason I have never had a lip liner in my collection is because:

A)     I don’t have very defined lips, so I have never thought they suited me.

B)      I don’t know how to use them…

Yeah. I don’t have a clue how to use liner. So I made it my challenge to try and teach myself to use lip liners, not every time, but most times I wear lipstick/gloss.

L-R Pink, Pumpkin, Cherry, Venom
I purchased four lip liners;

·         Cherry from MAC

·         Pumpkin from Sleek

·         Venom from Sleek

·         4 Pink from Collection


I purchased these four as in my opinion they are the basic colours I need, and if I were to purchase on in the future it will probably be a marshmallow-y pink shade.


So challenging myself to use lip liner and many YouTube videos later, I have found a technique that works for me, so you can see the lip liner in photos, I am using venom. (Disclaimer- I am not a make-up artist so this may not be correct! I simply like wearing make-up!)
Apologies for the unflattering angles.

I don’t colour the whole lip in, as I personally think you don’t get to see the true colour. For me, the technique that works best is drawing lightly on specific areas, and then apply a lipstick/lipgloss- I don’t know the technical names of parts so I hope you understand what I mean! (The one in the picture I am using is Modern Lure from the Alluring Aquatic Collection from MAC)

And that is how I use lip liner!

Beki xx

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