Thursday, 3 July 2014

Linked to HIV?

Today I am merging a couple of things together which do surprisingly link together, I’ll try and sum this up as shortly and quickly as possible, with the some of the things being Queen and Lipstick- huh?

You’re probably thinking, how on earth is this going to work- well let me tell you about a lipstick I got for my birthday, which is the Rihanna for Viva Glam lipstick with profits being donated to MAC Charity/HIV Funds(You can read more here). The colour is gorgeous and long-lasting, and with Cherry Lip liner, for me is a real winner. It has hints of glitter in it which slightly reflect on the lips when worn, but nothing too crazy, and that's why I like it so much.

Okay, so that’s part one, now for part two, Queen. Everybody knows of Queen, whether it be Brian May, dancing and singing to a song (or few!) or the legend that is Freddie Mercury, everyone knows of Queen. And recently I have found myself choosing to listen to the same few songs over and over again, and in all honesty, I love it, listening to them just makes me feel good, and if something makes you feel good, you carry on- right? Personal favourite at the moment being Don’t Stop Me Now.
I love reading about charities and trying to work with them, its something I am very passionate about, whilst purchasing my lipstick I couldn't help but start to think about charities involved with HIV/AIDS, especially with younger children and families- where those stories often affect me the most, that's when I came to read about Save The Children's work.

Drawn in my Cherry Lip Liner-
yes I am mad...

I have been a massive fan of the charity for years, especially as a child continuously making posters and 'kites' (paper and string) to sell to try and fundraise- that never happened, so I was surprised when I found out the charity helps out with HIV projects. One day which is now marked in my calendar is December 1st-World Aids Day. Whilst it isn't for a few months yet, that certainly isn't going to stop me thinking about ways I can help between then and now.
I really do enjoy listening to Queen, and I loved the stage show of We Will Rock You when I saw it in 2013! Such a shame it’s now closed in London! Oh well...
Hope you enjoyed the link-y post!
Beki x


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