Tuesday, 29 July 2014

July Favourites

Hi camera!!!
How is it the end of July already?! I really don’t understand that at all, anyway all I do know is its favourite’s time! Lots of the products/items mentioned I have probably already written about so I will link the blog posts!

Banana Boat Gel

A couple days ago I wrote about my love of this stuff and yeah…read it here!


So in last month’s favourites I spoke about being obsessed with Lemonade, and this month I have been exactly the same, except with Sprite!(practically lemonade.) It’s yummy and I have been through lots of cans of it in the past few days…shame it’s not brilliant for teeth!

Studio Fix Powder

I wrote about this on another post, however I didn’t really give it its credit. Now my skin is starting to clear up I am finding that my Studio Fix Fluid isn’t working the same on my skin like it did when I had major spots, however using a little bit of it alongside concealer and this powder is giving me a coverage I am happy with! It’s also good on its own but I’m not personally comfortable/ready to wear it on its own yet.

EOS Lip balm

I mentioned it in my current lip favourites and I stand by it. It’s very moisturising and doesn’t leave my lips chapped a few hours later and I really like the taste of mine! (Melon, some of the other ones are too sickly for me!) A little pricey for a lip balm, but definitely worth it!

Beatrix Potter

My childhood loves were Beatrix Potter and Disney, as mentioned in a few blog posts previous, this month hasn’t been in my favour, and whilst always loving and referencing the stories, a pure spur of the moment decision was to YouTube an episode near the beginning of July and I haven’t stopped since. There were only 9/10 of the original books made into TV series, but that hasn’t stopped me watching them over and over, as well as the film ‘Miss Potter’. My Mum seems to think we still have the book collection from when I was little, however I have spied a complete original collection that I really really want!

Simple Moisturiser

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I re-purchased the simple moisturiser to keep in my handbag for if I get a little sweaty during this theatre week. And I have. It’s kept my skin feeling hydrated and cool and I think it’s also helping my blemishes!


It may sound daft, but I have really enjoyed plugging my music in and walking recently, I have found it really relaxing and convenient!
What are your favourites?
Beki <3

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