Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Is Black the new Clear?

When I went to London, I was desperate to purchase a lipgloss that I had had my eye on for at least a month, and that is, the Givenchy lipgloss in Celestial Black.


I know what you’re thinking, my Mums reaction was exactly the same, black lipgloss? But the lipgloss is actually really pretty.

So the packaging and initial look of the lipgloss doesn’t do much, but after a couple seconds staring at the gloss, you start to see the different shades of green/blue glitter reflect through.

When swatched on the hand it does look fairly boring and dull, and you probably can’t imagine a nice way it’s going to look on your lips.

I find the colour quite boring on its own on my lips, but over the top of a lip liner or a matte lipstick, it literally transforms it into another colour, and I really like that.

A current favourite is placing it over the top of either Pumpkin Eau La La Liner from Sleek, and Venom lipstick from Urban Decay...(laaaav it!)

On its own and dodgy lighting...
TL: Venom, + Gloss
BL: Pumpkin, + Gloss


The price I paid for the lipgloss is £20.50, which I think is fairly reasonable, I mean it is a high-end brand and some would say a little pricey, but the magic of the colour and glitter and the effect it has on other lip products in my opinion makes it worthwhile.


Beki xx

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