Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cinderella Inspired Make-Up Look...

Okay so its Disney time again, and today we are doing a Cinderella Inspired look.
I am going to use the same picture at the beginning and the end, note- here you will see two selfies (cringe) the left being many hours after the tutorial and I realised the final look picture hadn’t saved, the right, many hours later and the majority of the make-up missing! If I had time to redo the look I would of.
The list of products I used are:
Okay so like most make-up routines, I started by prepping my skin and doing my foundation. Unlike Aurora, when Cinderella went to the ball she had a beautiful face of make-up, and looked practically perfect. I used a Real Techniques Buffing Brush to blend all of this onto my face, before moving on to my eyes.
I placed Aquadisiac all over my eyes and a little bit of Vanilla Pigment using a MAC 217 on the inner just to brighten them slightly. Then alternating between the Topshop Magic Liner and Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner I did a thin line just along the lash line to help make my lashes look thicker. I then did my mascara using a Givenchy sample I was given in Harrods, followed by a little bit of the Urban Decay pencil along my water line.

To then finish the look I used Pillow Talk and Delicate Pink along my lips which in my opinion made the perfect lip colour, and then applied the One Heck of A Blot Powder with the Real Techniques Blush Brush!
And that’s the look finished! As I said if I had time to redo the look I would have (sorry)…

Next Disney look is up around the 18th!
Beki xx

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