Sunday, 27 July 2014

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel Review

hey foot and slightly hairy leg...attractive.

Okay so the title says review, and whilst its not strictly a review, as its been a go to product of mine for years, I have been recently using it more and more often and it hasn't let me down!
With the sudden gorgeous weather in the UK, making sure my legs are perfectly shaven at all times is a challenge, and whilst I fail this most days, I have found that applying the lotion straight after my legs look a lot less irritated and not so "oh great she's shaved me again."
I also find that using the lotion has prevented me from burning. Being ever so pale and not only occasionally catching the sun, wearing this with sun cream is in my opinion a perfect combination, not to mention that usually wearing sun cream makes my skin very dry, so the gel is keeping my skin as hydrated as it should be.
Oh and its very good for sunburn, lets just say it came in very useful on a trip to Borneo last year where we became sunburnt in all kinds of places, it didn't last for long and we got a tan at the end of it!
Have you tried this before?
Beki xx


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