Monday, 14 July 2014

A Perfect Pamper Evening...(or Morning!)



Many of my Pop faves!!
There are days where I feel what I call 'poopy', and like to have some time to myself to chill out. I mention this in my 'Stress Vs. Me' post, as well as in my 'Skincare Story' post, but my skin goes through hell when I am stressed, and I think that your skin/acne also has major effects on your self confidence, anyway...

When I am poopy, it is likely you will find me sitting on my bed procrastinating, daydreaming or crying into a pillow, or taking a nice bubble bath.

Before I run the bath I often go through my current skincare routine, then pop on a facemask and prepare my bath.

I usually like to use Lush products when taking a bath (apart from the ones I am annoying allergic to, especially as Lavender is meant to be calming!), but if I don't have any, I choose to use a nice amount of bubble bath which in my opinion is as equally effective-(bubbles cover dignity after all!)

When I have a bath its the perfect opportunity to listen to the cheesy pop music that relaxes me and calms me down.

Eating 'bad' foods aren't always a good thing for you body, but that doesn't mean you cant have the odd packet of sweets completely guilt free every once in a while, they are fruit flavoured after all ;)

After a good 40-50 minutes in the bath I will then have a shower to feel fully clean, before popping on my dressing gown or onesie and then repeat my skincare routine, before then relaxing in bed.

I hope you enjoyed this post, for me skincare and stress are factors which really do affect me personally, I do love reading and writing about it.

Beki <3

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