Thursday, 31 July 2014

The end of July...

Okay, today is the last day of July blogging, and I must say I am a little sad and a little pleased!
Thank you to every single person who read my blog in July (or ever), I'm not daily posting in August but I am definitely still going to be posting- I already have some good ideas!
So I shall leave you with a collage of a picture from every blog post this month!
Thanks again,
Beki <3

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What's in my bag?

Had to put flash on to see what's inside!

Okay so the penultimate blog post for July is 'What's in my bag,' so I shall guide you through with pictures, however its pretty self explanatory! My bag is from River Island and I think its a really good size and good quality, however its only downfall is the first time I used it my jeans rubbed against the fabric and dyed the back :(

Just my purse from Ted Baker!

Yep, that's 8 different products to help avoid sweat- lovely.

Many a receipt from the past week!

Sunglasses and an Umbrella- English Weather is very unpredictable!

Make-up touch ups!

Other General Bits and Bobs.

And finally fairly tangled earphones!

And that's it!

Beki <3


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

July Favourites

Hi camera!!!
How is it the end of July already?! I really don’t understand that at all, anyway all I do know is its favourite’s time! Lots of the products/items mentioned I have probably already written about so I will link the blog posts!

Banana Boat Gel

A couple days ago I wrote about my love of this stuff and yeah…read it here!


So in last month’s favourites I spoke about being obsessed with Lemonade, and this month I have been exactly the same, except with Sprite!(practically lemonade.) It’s yummy and I have been through lots of cans of it in the past few days…shame it’s not brilliant for teeth!

Studio Fix Powder

I wrote about this on another post, however I didn’t really give it its credit. Now my skin is starting to clear up I am finding that my Studio Fix Fluid isn’t working the same on my skin like it did when I had major spots, however using a little bit of it alongside concealer and this powder is giving me a coverage I am happy with! It’s also good on its own but I’m not personally comfortable/ready to wear it on its own yet.

EOS Lip balm

I mentioned it in my current lip favourites and I stand by it. It’s very moisturising and doesn’t leave my lips chapped a few hours later and I really like the taste of mine! (Melon, some of the other ones are too sickly for me!) A little pricey for a lip balm, but definitely worth it!

Beatrix Potter

My childhood loves were Beatrix Potter and Disney, as mentioned in a few blog posts previous, this month hasn’t been in my favour, and whilst always loving and referencing the stories, a pure spur of the moment decision was to YouTube an episode near the beginning of July and I haven’t stopped since. There were only 9/10 of the original books made into TV series, but that hasn’t stopped me watching them over and over, as well as the film ‘Miss Potter’. My Mum seems to think we still have the book collection from when I was little, however I have spied a complete original collection that I really really want!

Simple Moisturiser

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I re-purchased the simple moisturiser to keep in my handbag for if I get a little sweaty during this theatre week. And I have. It’s kept my skin feeling hydrated and cool and I think it’s also helping my blemishes!


It may sound daft, but I have really enjoyed plugging my music in and walking recently, I have found it really relaxing and convenient!
What are your favourites?
Beki <3

Monday, 28 July 2014

Minor Make-up Haul

So I am going to a wedding in less than a week, and I have purchased some last minute bits for the event(as well as some others).

Okay these are the only purchases not for the wedding, the day this goes up I am partaking in a musical theatre workshop week which I am both very excited and nervous about, and I get very sweaty, so I have the dry shampoo, wipes and moisturiser in a travel size to try and hide the sweatiness. I usually use the simple wipes as they are nice on my skin, but they were sold out so Nivea it is :(

Sorry if the quality is still bad, you'll see why when I scroll down. Anyway I bought the Real Techniques Powder Brush on Tuesday along with the travel stuff^^ and everything else was purchased on Thursday with my friend Sarah, who is an enabler...(says me who persuaded her to buy the powder brush!)

I decided to get the MAC Studio Fix Powder purely because I use the liquid foundation and I don't think the mineralize powder is working for me in the new UK heat. Plus, as my skin is starting to get better and the powder in buildable, I can go out just wearing the powder and wearing equally as confident.

Collection Blush in Cheeky, I have mentioned before that I am not a blush nor bronzer girl, and in the past month I have stepped out and tried both and loved them! I'm not ready to branch out and buy bronze and blush palettes yet but never say never! Anyway cheeky for me is the colour of my cheeks naturally with a slight shimmer, and I thought would look nice with the extremely pale bronzer I use for the wedding.

I also purchased a collection lip liner in the colour Pink Heaven, and its just a neutral pink which I thought would be nice just to help shape my lips, and it was cheap!
Lastly I purchased the Topshop eyebrow/eyelash brush, now with student discount I got it to £3.60,and it was almost an enabler purchase again, and very spur of the moment, however using it its definitely the right decision, as I don't think I have ever brushed my brows before!

As I found when I did an online Superdrug order, and clicked the wrong colour lipstick. I emailed instantly to try and change it and heard nothing back, thankfully my dad went in and spoke to the manager and explained it, however I am very very lucky that this happened, else I would have had to buy another lipstick and be stuck with a colour I already have.

I ordered a packet of clear mini elastic hair bands things, for the wedding as they are a bit nicer than an old hairband, which consequently I have lost since typing this and now I have no hair bobbles at my dads for 2 weeks. yay.

I also made use of the 2 for £10 offer, purchasing the Rimmel Kate Moss Gel Black Liner (not its actual name but I binned the packaging...) and I love it! I wanted to also buy the emerald colour but decided on the black as I would make more use of it initially, and wanted to be sure I liked it! The texture is fabulous and so long lasting, put it like this, I get very sweaty and hot in the heat, and it hasn't moved at all. As you can see I poked and played before I took the photo,oops.
The last thing in the picture are my new USB Batteries for my camera- YAY NEW BATTERIES MEAN BETTER PHOTOS AND NEW VIDEOS *contains excitement*. I have had my eyes on the Moixa USB Batteries for sometime, and I am so glad I got them, they aren't too pricey, I paid £8.20 for two and I am definitely considering buying a second pack. They take a while to charge but last absolutely ages, and they are a little more environmentally friendly which I love.
The last thing I purchased was the other 2 for £10 item-the lipstick. The lipstick I stupidly ordered incorrectly. I wanted the Kate Moss Lipstick in 33 and ordered 32, yep how daft can you get. As mentioned my Dad spoke to the manager explained that I emailed and had heard nothing back, and he exchanged it instantly, and this was not what expected especially as the lipstick didn't come in packaging- and it's a lipstick!!! Anyway the colour 33 is a really pretty baby pink colour which I am going to wear to the wedding with my Barry M Strawberry gloss.

That's it!

I hope you liked my haul, and I am planning on doing a Wedding Look book/Get Ready with me post so you can see how all this stuff looked on me face!



Sunday, 27 July 2014

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel Review

hey foot and slightly hairy leg...attractive.

Okay so the title says review, and whilst its not strictly a review, as its been a go to product of mine for years, I have been recently using it more and more often and it hasn't let me down!
With the sudden gorgeous weather in the UK, making sure my legs are perfectly shaven at all times is a challenge, and whilst I fail this most days, I have found that applying the lotion straight after my legs look a lot less irritated and not so "oh great she's shaved me again."
I also find that using the lotion has prevented me from burning. Being ever so pale and not only occasionally catching the sun, wearing this with sun cream is in my opinion a perfect combination, not to mention that usually wearing sun cream makes my skin very dry, so the gel is keeping my skin as hydrated as it should be.
Oh and its very good for sunburn, lets just say it came in very useful on a trip to Borneo last year where we became sunburnt in all kinds of places, it didn't last for long and we got a tan at the end of it!
Have you tried this before?
Beki xx


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer Lovin' Tag

Hello! Today I decided to do Fleur De Force's Summer Lovin' Tag! The little of this instantly makes me think of Grease (hence picture above!)
1. Summer lipstick you're loving?

Mentioned in my post yesterday, these are the lip products I am currently loving- particularly Smitten.

2. Summer nail polish you're loving?
I am currently loving the look of Barry M's new Matte Collection, the day this post goes up I am going to go and buy them (and perhaps review them!) I particularly like the look of Waikiki Green and Copacabana Red!

3. Bikini you're loving this summer?

I dont think I have a bikini in my wardrobe that fits me this year! I'm not going anywhere abroad this year so it isn't bothering me too much, however I have seen some very pretty ones in Topshop!

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks?

Caramel Cream is my all time favourite Frappuccino- it reminds me of vanilla milkshakes which are my favourite drinks ever!

5. Favourite fake tan?

I don't fake tan!

6. Favourite summer song?

I am loving Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea!

7. Favourite summer accessory?

Sunglasses! I literally cant see without wearing them. I lost my favourite pair when I went to see 'The Fault in Our Stars', hopefully I will find a pair I like as much to replace them soon!

8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume?

Of course, my favourite perfume ever, Lola by Marc Jacobs.

9. Summer book you're loving?

The book I am currently reading, 'The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul' by Deoborah Rodriguez.

10. What are you most excited to do this summer?
Go to London at the end of my summer holidays!
Beki <3

Friday, 25 July 2014

Current Favourite Lip Products ~ Lippy Love

Today I thought I would pay homage to 'Lippy Love' and talk about my current favourite lip products.
They are:
  • EOS Lipbalm in Melon
  • Topshop Lip Lacquer(??) in Smitten
  • Barry M Toffee Lipgloss
  • Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Lipstick
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Plum Jam
EOS Lip balm in Melon
I think I have spoken about this product before, and it is currently my go-to balm. Its always in my bag and I feel like its keeping my lips really hydrated
Topshop Lip Lacquer(??) in Smitten
This product is my favourite pink at the moment! I love the texture and its really long lasting, it also has an odd smell but I really like that. Its literally a shocking pink that doesn't bring out the yellow in your teeth and I love that!
Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Lipstick
This along with Venom are my go to purples that I adore. Similar to smitten they don't bring out the yellow in your teeth and are also really long lasting. I also like the fact that 107 can be layered, and lightly is a pretty dark red, and can eventually end up looking like a gorgeous purple grape colour. 
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Plum Jam
Okay so I may have written a bad review about this product in the past, but on a day where I need just a little colour on my lips its perfect, I wouldn't say its long lasting but its definitely very glossy and you can feel that for a long period of time.
Barry M Toffee Lipgloss
It smells amazing at the best of time, and the colour is lovely and in my opinion, almost a your lips but better. It doesn't last very long but glosses generally don't, but I do love this lots!!

What are your favourite lip products this month?


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tinkerbell Inspired Make-Up Look!

Hello everyone!

Back on a beauty blog post today, and it’s the last (for now) Disney Princess look out of the four I have done this month, and today its Tinkerbell – not strictly a princess but respected all the same!

Products used:
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
  • Urban Decay Primer
  • MAC Golden Olive Pigment
  • Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer
  • Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker stick Nudist
  • Barry M Strawberry Milkshake Gloss

So I started by priming my face with both primers (Maybelline and Urban Decay) before lightly applying my foundation to my face. I wanted the look to look polished, but not as if she is caked in make-up, especially as she is so young looking. I then applied concealer where I needed it (avoiding under the eyes until after the pigment).

I then got my MAC 217 brush where I applied Golden Olive to my eyes, as it reminded me of the colour of her little fairy dress. Once blended in, I then did my mascara before then adding my concealer under my eyes- covering any excess glitter.

I then applied a little bronzer to my cheeks, just to break up the colour a bit, and then added my powder all over my face, particularly focusing on any bits that are a little bit shinier.

This finally left lips, now looking at pictures I couldn’t quite determine what colour to put on, so I mixed Nudist and Strawberry Milkshake, and in my opinion made a good combination!

And that's it for Disney!
Click for the other posts;

Lots of love!

Beki xx

Yesterdays post!


Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Alexa Chung's bestselling book IT has been a possession of mine since Christmas, and I love it.
Whilst I wouldn't confess to knowing loads about Alexa Chung or being a huge 'fan' of hers, this was one of the first things on my Christmas list last year.
One thing I do know, is that reading this book (several times) just makes me want to perhaps live in Alexa's world just for a day, to see what it would be like to be in her 'bubble'- of what I presume fashion, photography and social gatherings.
 I also love her variety of work, and how she has worked as a  model, presenter and writer- whilst not forgetting a feature or article for Vogue.
Its safe to say I am getting more and more obsessed with the woman, but not in a fan girly way, but she is definitely a career inspiration.
Whilst I don't aspire to be a model or of similar nature to Alexa, I am trying to say is that she hasn't just stuck as one thing, she's doing and done lots of things with her career and in my opinion that makes it more exciting and enjoyable.
Her book is definitely an inspiration of mine and the reason I am blogging today, and its often giving me ideas to think of new things to potentially write about, but also work for in life.
Beki <3

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A current catch up?

Today was another one of those posts where I didn't know what to write, I wanted to upload a new singing cover, but my batteries in my camera are shocking so I am waiting for new ones to arrive, I filmed my 'My Funny Valentine' cover on my iPad, but I really don't like the quality too much, so would sooner wait until I have the batteries.
Firstly, on a positive, I thought I would show you what book I am starting to read! I started  'The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul' by Deborah Rodriguez ages ago, but didn't get into it nor have the time to read, but now, as I have time, I am really enjoying it! (HINT read it).
I am not going to call this post 'Dear Diary..#2', purely because I feel like I don't need to express my feelings as much as I did in that post, and you will see why further down in the post...
As you may or may not know, I am blogging everyday this month (July), originally I was going to carry this over to August as well if I could think of enough things to write about, and I have some ideas, but I think I am going to stick to July for now, with a fair few posts in August.
This is because I decided when I first started blogging that I was only ever going to post what and when I wanted, so it didn't feel like a chore. I was really worried that I would feel this 2/3days into July blogging, and I'm not gonna lie its been a struggle at times, but I am loving every minute of it, and I am definitely not bored of it. 
I'm not sure if I should disclose this or not, but this month has been particularly hard for me, at the beginning of the month out of nowhere I developed shingles, and was left stuck inside for the best part of 17 days- not fun. Then last Sunday(13th) I was frantically trying to pack my bag for school and finish start my work I hadn't yet done, when sadly my Granddad took a turn for the worse and was hospitalised.
If you follow me on twitter (eehh plug) you may have seen that this week I have been tweeting particularly depressing tweets, this is because, for me, it was a place to escape. I usually find constant statuses on Facebook of similar nature very annoying, yet for some reason this felt like the right thing to do, and it helped me. So throw missing school on Monday due to literally having no clue what was going on alongside major spots (fgs) a mock exam that we kind of need to remember for September and the coursework I was still yet to finish (and SOME blog posts- majority were actually written ages ago),  stressed and confused was an understatement.
I only ended up going to school on Tuesday and half of Thursday, literally doing the bare ass minimum of what I had to do and explain everything to my teachers who hadn't seen me for the best part of 3 weeks.
Usually, I hate sitting and doing nothing, it bores me, I always have to be doing something, even whilst watching say a YouTube video, that's the type of person I am. Of course, I love a good lazy day, but even then I am still doing something-yet this whole week I have found myself literally sat on my phone or watching TV, emphasis on the 'or' as this never happens, and to be honest I loved it. It was almost like my way of escaping, and it also meant I felt relaxed and was giving my skin a slightly good chance of healing.
I am going to leave it there for today, as I think you have all probably switched off by now, as well as the fact I could probably sit for hours and type stuff like this.
And as for Granddad? He sadly passed away 3 days ago, RIP Granddad Taxi, love you lots xxxx
Beki <3

Monday, 21 July 2014

My (current) Top 5 Perfumes...

sorry for bad quality- waiting for new camera batteries to come so picture taken on my phone!
I didn't really know what to write about today, so whilst daydreaming in my room I looked upon my perfume collection and thought 'aha'.
I have chose 5 of my favourites, and will add that I am awful at describing scents.
For me Daisy is a classic scent that I think would suit anyone. When first sprayed, it is obviously very flowery and almost makes your nose tingle a bit with its strong underlying scents. This used to put me off, however after 2/3 hours I find it fades to the nicest smell and lasts all day.
Disclaimer that my Mum got me hooked on the majority of my perfumes, as like me she is a major perfume obsessive, and as a younger child I vividly remember her wearing it lots. I don't know how I would describe the smell, and it isn't something I would usually wear, especially as I prefer floral smells and this definitely isn't floral, yet there is something about it that makes me feel rather powerful whilst wearing it.
Okay, here I confess that I was (am) a little bit of a fan girl over 1D, but who can blame me? This was the one perfume my Mum didn't get me hooked on, however she did buy it for me as a late birthday present, and I love it, I wore it all the time when I first bought it and was always topping it up because I love the smell of it so much. Its floral with a slight twist and I really like that. I don't wear it as often now, but if I haven't got room in my handbag for perfume then I know this is a sure winner.
I think I mentioned this in my June favourites, but I got this perfume for my birthday and I love it. Its a twist on classic Alien and I think slightly lighter version. There isn't much else for me to say except I love it!
I had to save my all-time favourite perfume to last. If anyone is ever stuck for presents for birthday or Christmas I say this perfume, as I can never have enough of it! Honestly I think I am on my 4th/5th bottle- I adore it that much. Generally I love Marc Jacobs perfumes anyway, and when this was released however many years ago I begged my next door neighbours to buy me the ridiculously big bottle in duty free on their holidays because I wore it that much. Again I don't know how to describe the smell, but I do believe that there is a Marc Jacobs perfume for everyone, and this one is me.
What are your favourite perfumes?
Beki xx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Illamasqua Skin Base Review

Amazing finish from skin base alone!!!
Todays post is going to be a mini review on the 'Illamasqua Skin Base' in the colour 2.

I was sent this after contacting Illamasqua as I want to eventually make a post about different foundations/bb creams suitable for porcelain skin tones like mine.

A couple of days ago I went to do my make-up and I decided to try out the product, and I must say I am very impressed.

The Colour

Lets just begin by praising Illamasqua, they have made a product paler- yes paler than my current skin tone! It blended in perfectly with no fear of having a nice line below my chin!

The Finish

Blending the product was a little tricky, but with practice I would definitely get used to it. It looked and felt very chalky on the skin, but felt so light as if I wasn't wearing much on my skin at all- leaving me with a light-medium (and I am presuming buildable) coverage.

The Hold
Left: Skin Base and Concealer---Right: Au Naturel.
(selfies make me cry)

My spots are all over place at the minute, so much so that I did need to put concealer over the more visible spots, however, I usually have to put concealer over scars and blemishes, yet I found the product covered the majority of them wonderfully! I also powdered to set the look.

A few hours later I looked in the mirror to see the outcome and I only needed to touch up the spots from my concealer slightly, my skin still looked amazing and didn't look dry nor oily.

Overall I am MAJORLY impressed with this product, I would recommend this to people of all skin tones, but especially people like moi. I am definitely looking into buying it the next (and first) time I properly get to visit an Illamasqua counter, as no doubt there will be many more goodies I will want to purchase!!

Beki xx

Yesterdays post!!

Olddddd post!


Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Orange Edit

sorry for bad quality!

sorry for bad quality!



So this post is something a little different today, with a fashion/beauty emphasis on the colour orange- something I think is very popular this summer!

So here I have for you, 2 base items, 3handbags, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 beauty products and 4 lip products, which can be mixed and matched to create so many different combinations, and in my opinion are the perfect orange items you need for summer.

Base Items:

  • Black Crop Top ~ Boohoo
  • Ripped Jeans ~ Boohoo
  • Black Vans
  • JuJu Jellies
  • Black Heels ~ Marks and Spencer

  • Pumpkin Liner ~ Sleek
  • Lets Travel The World ~ Tanya Burr
  • Kate Moss 110 ~ Rimmel 
  • Chubby Stick ~ Seventeen

  • OMG Clutch ~ Asos (last year :/ )
  • Bird Bag ~ Cath Kidston (with the Rimmel Lipstick!)
  • Neon Bag ~ River Island

  • Lady Gaga Perfume
  • Hot Chocolate Orange Face Mask ~ Boots (for the evening!)

Hope you enjoyed this!

Let me know if you want to see something similar to this again!

Beki <3

Yesterdays Post- MULAN!

Oooh and old post link- cheeky!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Mulan Inspired Make-up Look!

All will be revealed as you read...GAWD

So it’s the next Disney Princess look today, and today it’s the wonderfully powerful Mulan- it’s not like what she wears, but it is inspired and really really easy…

The products used;

·         MAC Studio Fix Fluid

·         Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

·         MAC Painterly Paint Pot

·         Topshop Magic Liner

·         Rimmel Kate Moss Mascara (Black)

·         MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow

·         MAC Cherry Liner(post about this product!)

·         MAC Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick(post about this product!)

After applying my moisturiser, I applied my foundation with Real Techniques Buffing Brush, as well as my concealer, to make sure my skin looked as even and flawless as possible.

After doing the base, I moved onto my eyes, where I applied the painterly paint pot which blended in nicely along with the foundation. I also filled in my eyebrows using Copperplate and a Real Techniques brow brush.  Then went on the eyeliner, and as you can see by the gorgeous facial expression I am pulling, I definitely messed up my eyeliner a bit!

Once I had tidied up the eyeliner and applied my mascara, I moved on to my lips, where I outlined and filled in my lips with the cherry liner, before finally finishing the look with a dash of lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this look! Like I said it was very easy!

The last Disney Princess look will be up on the 24th!

Beki xx
Previous Disney Posts- Aurora and Cinderella!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I Heart Drugstore Tag!

Everything Mentioned!

A £10 cheaper Barry M 121 on the left, MAC Lady Danger on the right!

A sad and rubbish mascara :(
I am doing another tag today! The ‘I heart drugstore make-up tag’…
1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand overall?
For me, I think it is Rimmel, I love the Kate Moss Products particularly, as well as the foundations, I haven’t personally used them, and however I just discovered they do a ‘light porcelain’ shade, meaning it may match my skin tone!

2. What are your favourite face/cheek/lip products?

I don’t tend to wear colour on the cheeks except for a powder, in which I use the Soap and Glory Translucent Powder. If I am lucky and have a bit of a tan I own a rimmel bronzer which does the trick. Knowing the lip lover that I am, it’s easy for me to say that there are hundreds of amazing lip products in drugstores, it’s just a case of finding them! I love Barry M, Rimmel, Sleek and Collection!

3. What is your least favourite drugstore makeup product?
Natural Collection Green Concealor, it’s a concealer stick, and the concept is good, but it just falls of the skin so quickly it’s not worth it!

4. What is your biggest makeup bargain?

I have two, my three drugstore lip liners, I got them on 3 for 2 in Superdrug and with student discount they were just fabulously cheap and still worthwhile. And of course, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, a product that everyone knows and loves.

5. What is your favourite underdog product (something that gets overlooked)?

Again I think it might be my Sleek Lip liners, I don’t ever hear anyone talk about them and they are so long lasting. They are actually ‘multiuse pencils’ meaning they can also be used on eyes etc.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?

I think certain brands are overpriced, but generally if you want a good quality product you will pay for it. For me, some nail polishes are overpriced, yet because the quality is there with some brands such as Essie, people will pay it!
7. Show your best drugstore dupes.

I think Barry M 121 Pillar box Red is a really good dupe of Lady Danger from MAC, although Pillar box Red has slightly less orangey tones than Lady Danger, it’s a bargain at £4.50!
8. A drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
I think Collections Skin stuff is great, however their mascaras do nothing for me what so ever. It often reminds me of a toy mascara that is in like a child’s make-up kit.
And that’s the tag done! Just want to say in all my blog posts everything is my own opinion and I only talk about products I do or don’t like.
Beki x
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