Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pigment Pop

L-R, Vanilla, Golden Olive, Rose, Painterly
L-R, Vanilla, Golden Olive, Rose, Painterly
Whilst I was in London, I decided to make the most of the bigger Mac stores and concessions available, so much so, I also purchased some (three) pigments to start my pigment collection.

Whilst talking to the cashier and explaining I wanted to purchase a pigment, she recommended to me to purchase the Painterly Paint Pot, as it is a good primer for pigments, I was instantly sold, as the colour is so nude and natural, I decided it would also be nice in its own if I wanted something little on my eyes. I also decided to purchase a 217 Brush to make sure I could thoroughly blend the pigment on to my eye.

I have always wanted to purchase Vanilla pigment, I think it’s such a lovely off white, and I like wearing it in the crease and inner of my eye, but also all over my eye if I want just a little glow on the lids.
I haven’t tried to use it as a highlighter yet and I don’t think I will, purely because I’m not a highlighter user, but who knows it may convert me…

I also planned on purchasing Golden Olive, after eyeing it up on the MAC website in the PlayLand collection for what seems like forever, and before I went to London I spoke to an online person, who told me that the product wouldn’t be out until the range had launched in June, which was fine, as I was willing to wait and purchase the product in store. However it wasn’t until we got into the Harrods store where I was explaining my new sudden obsession with MAC and how I planned on buying Golden Olive when it was released, and as if by magic, she pulled it from the stock draw!
I absolutely love the colour, and I know I am safe with cooler toned colours on my eyes- even though this has a warm shimmer tone in it as well. I think the colour is perfect to wear with pastels in the summer on a nice sunny day (let’s hope we get some!)

The final colour I purchased was a bit of a whim purchase, as I said I only really had intentions of buying Vanilla and Golden Olive, so whilst we were having a little look around, the Rose pigment caught my eye, I swatched it on my hand and was like ‘I NEED TO GET THIS’, it reminds me of colours that are found in the Naked 3 palette, and I loved the colour so much I needed up wearing it to Katy Perry, and it lasted the whole night and didn’t smudge nor run. I also found that a little bit of Vanilla looks very nice with rose for a more subtle look…
So that’s it for pigments I purchased in London, and I am already eyeing up a few other colours I am desperate to buy this side of September.

Beki x

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