Saturday, 7 June 2014

Magnificent Maleficent!

Please ignore my hideous smile/make-up, it was the best
 way to show the colour!!

Hello all!

I am writing this on my birthday, because going to watch cricket or horse racing isn't my idea of fun for a 17 year old on a Saturday afternoon...

So whilst I was in London two weeks ago made several trips to the MAC store in Covent Garden, as well as the concessions in Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Since the MAC Maleficent range came out a few weeks ago, and I had had my eye on the lipstick, ‘True Loves Kiss’, where I equally fell in love with the colour and the limited edition packaging.

But of course the majority of the range sold out immediately online, and the MAC store in my city is a very little concession in House of Fraser, so by the time I was writing a shopping list for London, it was put as a maybe item, as there are about 5 red lipsticks I want from MAC as well of the numerous other brands of red lipstick I own.
So when I got to the Covent Garden store Monday afternoon and saw the lipstick was out of stock, I was relieved and thinking, ooh money to buy something else, and that something else was the lipgloss, Anthurium. (I love how all the products have names relatable to the film, however I cant work this one out, if someone can enlighten me I will be forever grateful!!)

As said in a previous blog post, I am not a huge lipgloss lover, unless it is something unusual/different to what I would usually wear. But when I swatched the colour on my hand, the colour was so full I instantly fell in love with it, because for me, most red glosses often make the colour run or fade instantly, so the fact that the gloss was such a strong colour by its self, I knew I had to give in and go for it.
It’s safe to say I don’t regret it, and where better to wear it than to go and see Maleficent eh? I can safely say Disney have done a good job again, Angelina Jolie was just beautiful, and there were many points where my Mum turned to me  and told me to man-up because I was sobbing (if I cry at a film its because I get far to in to it!)

Like I said, the colour is lovely and full when first worn, but after half an hour or so it starts to fade and I was really annoyed about this, but when watching the film I realised that Maleficent never had full red lips, they often had a sheer effect to them with some areas more full than others(you get me?).
I would definitely recommend going to see it, and buying the lipgloss of course!!

Beki xx

*Other objects/products I purchased will be being reviewed and posted soon!*

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