Sunday, 1 June 2014

London, Les Mis, KP & Far Too Much Make-Up!

So as May half term is coming to an end and the realisation that I need to do all of my schoolwork today, I thought I would re-cap the amazing time I had at the beginning of the week. (This post may be a long one, but there’s just so much to say!!!)

I travelled up to London on Sunday, leaving Plymouth at 3pm, and finally getting to our hotel room shortly before 10pm, my Mum and I were absolutely exhausted, what with tube staff and an partially reliable map on my phone, the 40 minute journey took almost 2 hours! But by midnight and a sneaky alcoholic beverage later (shh don’t tell anyone) our bed was calling, ready for a long day tomorrow- 18 hours to be precise!

Monday was a day we planned for shopping and a trip to the theatre to see my favourite (Les Mis) in the evening. We headed to Knightsbridge first thing to go to Starbucks for breakfast, followed by the majority of the morning spent in Harrods to browse and purchase a Givenchy Lip gloss that I had had my eyes on for quite some time, we then headed to lunch in Covent Garden, ending up in The Verve, in between Leicester Square and Covent Garden (would definitely recommend by the way!)

We then headed for shopping around Oxford Circus and Covent Garden all afternoon, with shops including MAC (obviously), Jack Wills, The Moomin Shop, Topshop and Urban Outfitters, as well as many more! After a light tea in Bella Italia following a heavy lunch in The Verve we headed over to the theatre, and I was so excited about seeing Les Miserables again I honestly thought I was going to pee and cry at myself with excitement. After an amazing show and hideous weather, my Mum and I decided we wouldn’t go to stage door, as it we were both exhausted and just wanted to get home. And after finally getting to sleep about 1am, it was the end to one of two perfect days.

My unhealthy obsession with make-up apparent on the second day, when we decided to head back to Harrods so I could make even more make-up purchases than yesterday, especially in the MAC concession in Harrods (oops, but let’s be honest, who can blame me?) and far too long in Topshop, no kidding 5 floors of craziness is too stressful for me, I literally almost cried 10 minutes in.

Mid-afternoon we headed back to our hotel, as it was time for us to get ready for …KATY PERRY! Oh. My. Word. After a fabulous Nandos for dinner and a fairly good warm up act from Icona Pop, the concert was incredible. I sung my heart out the whole night, and I’m not gonna lie, I was apprehensive at first, following her fairly awful performance on The X Factor, but the whole show was just fab. The dances were perfect, the outfits were unbelievable, the little extra bits including Katy flying and someone going on stage during Birthday made it even more magical, and I wish I could go back and relive it all. After performing for 2 hours straight, it wasn't until the tube journey home I realised all my photos were pretty appalling, so I share with you the pictures from the picture book!

And that was all!
I will be writing posts featuring some of the make-up products I purchased throughout the next few weeks! 
Beki xx

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