Sunday, 29 June 2014

‘Lippy Love’: How I wear Urban Decay Venom Lipstick…


Okay, so it’s kind of a tutorial for you all this evening- (typing and uploading on the same evening!)

Whilst I was writing my June favourites a couple of days ago, I realised that after owning Venom for 6 months I have finally found a way of wearing the lipstick that I think suits me.

Whenever I wear the look, the initial concept is always there, heavy eyeliner, ‘perfect skin’, pinky smoked eyes and the lip for me is a winning combination- so I am going to show you how I wear it!

To make the eye look how I do it you need;

·         A nude/pale/baby pink

·         A dark/deep pink/red toned pink

·         A matt black

·         Black eyeliner

·         And of course, Venom (or similar lipstick!)

I am using a palette from Urban Decay, but I think it was either limited edition of very old, however they still do similar colours, as well as many other brands.
Depending on your eye colour- in my opinion;
If you have blue/grey/hazel coloured eyes, a silvery-grey colour shadow just to smoke it up a bit and look a little less harsh.
If you have green/brown eyes, I suggest a gold toned I shadow for the colour to reflect and tone with your eye colour.

Of course, this is all my own opinion, and I have no make-up training/experience at all, it’s just all things I genuinely think would work.

The Look

So after doing my foundation I used the Topshop Magic Liner to draw winged liner, you can do this with any eyeliner, as well as do it as heavy or thin as you like, this is probably the thickest I would draw it, after many attempts of getting the lines perfect (remember sisters not twins!) I then fill in any gaps using a matt black eyeshadow- in this case, Carbon from Mac.

After completing the eyeliner, I take the pale baby pink shade all over the eyelid, then on the same brush blend the darker pink shade on the outer of the eyelid, depending on how vibrant depends on how much shadow you use, so feel free to add more or less as you wish.

On a different eyeshadow brush, take a little of the black, and in my case silver, and also blend this on the outer of the eye, before taking just the silver on the middle to slightly the inner of the eye. Then finally add the lipstick!

And that’s the look completed, you obviously don’t have to follow this step by step and can do your own thing, I just find this kind of effective! Likewise if this look isn’t for you and you just want the eyes to look a lot more muted but still have the same effect, I recommend the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay.

You can see a completed look in my ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ video (not the exact same make-up as this post, but practically the same.)

See you tomorrow for June Favourites!


Beki x 


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