Monday, 30 June 2014

June Favourites

Similarly to last month’s favourites, I am going to be doing a mixture of both beauty and non-beauty favourites…
I have been a Call The Midwife fan since series first one first aired, and for my birthday my mum bought me the box set which I was thrilled about, especially since series three had been my favourite to date and I sobbed on almost every episode! I like to watch box sets when I am ill, as that is the time where I get to greatly appreciate them and I have time to watch more than one episode at once! I have been ill for the past 10 days (ish) and I have 2 episodes left, so they will probably be done by the time you read this! So if you like period/historical dramas with a lovely light hearted message in every episode, I definitely recommend you watch it.


This concealer has always been very hit and miss for me, especially as there are days where it can make me look very cakey and orange(not good.) However this month, especially with a little BB Cream or a tiny dot of foundation, I think this is a good combination, and I always find the concealer lasts all day, which is always a winner when you have spots!


I started using this moisturiser as I wasn’t getting along with a La Roche Posay one, but wanted to start using the Effaclar Duo again, whilst I know you can use the duo on its own, I like to use an additional moisturiser as my skin has been very dry recently. I purely bought this as it was opposite the La Roche display, and I do not regret the choice! It has left my skin feeling soft all day, it definitely works for at least 12 hours (perfect for summer when one is a little sweaty!) And it’s also working wonders and helping my skin clear up, which is always a good thing!



I got this lipstick for Christmas, and it has always been ‘hot and cold’ as I have never found a way of wearing it that I think suited me, until now! I’m wearing it in my ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ video, and a link to a full description can be clicked here! But I have probably worn this lip colour the most this month, hence why it's in this post!


Again another birthday present, my Mum got me this as a bit of a joke and a ‘filler present’, but this was one of my favourite videos as a child, and whilst taking a break from Call The Midwife, I put this on whilst replying to emails and writing, to then discover I remembered almost every word to every song in the film, I couldn’t believe it- bearing in mind the last time I had watched it was at least 12 years ago. So if you are a fan of Disney’s Cinderella I would definitely recommend this, the music is very similar!
Bit of an odd one, but I have been ill a bit in June, and when I am ill I like to eat what I call poopy food, and quavers is one of them, I have gone through so many packets this month it doesn’t bare thinking about…so yeah they are tasty J


I got my camera, (Canon Powershot SX130IS) for Christmas 2/3 years ago, and I never regretted the decision, especially as now it’s very useful for pictures and video tutorials for my blog (videos turned into images) as well as videos for my YouTube channel, something which 2/3 years ago I hadn’t even thought about!


Last but definitely not least, it's also mentioned in the Venom post, I have been using this liner lots this month! I have always been a pencil liner fan, but struggled doing anything fancy, I feel that this liner is making things a lot easier, and I would like to think I am getting better! I really do like this liner, and I am thinking about purchasing the bright blue as well, however I can’t quite work out how I would wear bright blue, but never say never…

So that's my favourites for this month- what are yours?

Beki xx


Sunday, 29 June 2014

‘Lippy Love’: How I wear Urban Decay Venom Lipstick…


Okay, so it’s kind of a tutorial for you all this evening- (typing and uploading on the same evening!)

Whilst I was writing my June favourites a couple of days ago, I realised that after owning Venom for 6 months I have finally found a way of wearing the lipstick that I think suits me.

Whenever I wear the look, the initial concept is always there, heavy eyeliner, ‘perfect skin’, pinky smoked eyes and the lip for me is a winning combination- so I am going to show you how I wear it!

To make the eye look how I do it you need;

·         A nude/pale/baby pink

·         A dark/deep pink/red toned pink

·         A matt black

·         Black eyeliner

·         And of course, Venom (or similar lipstick!)

I am using a palette from Urban Decay, but I think it was either limited edition of very old, however they still do similar colours, as well as many other brands.
Depending on your eye colour- in my opinion;
If you have blue/grey/hazel coloured eyes, a silvery-grey colour shadow just to smoke it up a bit and look a little less harsh.
If you have green/brown eyes, I suggest a gold toned I shadow for the colour to reflect and tone with your eye colour.

Of course, this is all my own opinion, and I have no make-up training/experience at all, it’s just all things I genuinely think would work.

The Look

So after doing my foundation I used the Topshop Magic Liner to draw winged liner, you can do this with any eyeliner, as well as do it as heavy or thin as you like, this is probably the thickest I would draw it, after many attempts of getting the lines perfect (remember sisters not twins!) I then fill in any gaps using a matt black eyeshadow- in this case, Carbon from Mac.

After completing the eyeliner, I take the pale baby pink shade all over the eyelid, then on the same brush blend the darker pink shade on the outer of the eyelid, depending on how vibrant depends on how much shadow you use, so feel free to add more or less as you wish.

On a different eyeshadow brush, take a little of the black, and in my case silver, and also blend this on the outer of the eye, before taking just the silver on the middle to slightly the inner of the eye. Then finally add the lipstick!

And that’s the look completed, you obviously don’t have to follow this step by step and can do your own thing, I just find this kind of effective! Likewise if this look isn’t for you and you just want the eyes to look a lot more muted but still have the same effect, I recommend the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay.

You can see a completed look in my ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ video (not the exact same make-up as this post, but practically the same.)

See you tomorrow for June Favourites!


Beki x 


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Cover

Hi all!

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I am an awful blogger, and therefore being an awful blogger, would also make me an awful vlogger.

I have uploaded another video to my YouTube channel again, this time its a cover from Phantom of the Opera (May favourites influenced me haha).

So yeah, enjoy :)

Dedicated to my Granddad<3

See you soon,

Beki xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pigment Pop

L-R, Vanilla, Golden Olive, Rose, Painterly
L-R, Vanilla, Golden Olive, Rose, Painterly
Whilst I was in London, I decided to make the most of the bigger Mac stores and concessions available, so much so, I also purchased some (three) pigments to start my pigment collection.

Whilst talking to the cashier and explaining I wanted to purchase a pigment, she recommended to me to purchase the Painterly Paint Pot, as it is a good primer for pigments, I was instantly sold, as the colour is so nude and natural, I decided it would also be nice in its own if I wanted something little on my eyes. I also decided to purchase a 217 Brush to make sure I could thoroughly blend the pigment on to my eye.

I have always wanted to purchase Vanilla pigment, I think it’s such a lovely off white, and I like wearing it in the crease and inner of my eye, but also all over my eye if I want just a little glow on the lids.
I haven’t tried to use it as a highlighter yet and I don’t think I will, purely because I’m not a highlighter user, but who knows it may convert me…

I also planned on purchasing Golden Olive, after eyeing it up on the MAC website in the PlayLand collection for what seems like forever, and before I went to London I spoke to an online person, who told me that the product wouldn’t be out until the range had launched in June, which was fine, as I was willing to wait and purchase the product in store. However it wasn’t until we got into the Harrods store where I was explaining my new sudden obsession with MAC and how I planned on buying Golden Olive when it was released, and as if by magic, she pulled it from the stock draw!
I absolutely love the colour, and I know I am safe with cooler toned colours on my eyes- even though this has a warm shimmer tone in it as well. I think the colour is perfect to wear with pastels in the summer on a nice sunny day (let’s hope we get some!)

The final colour I purchased was a bit of a whim purchase, as I said I only really had intentions of buying Vanilla and Golden Olive, so whilst we were having a little look around, the Rose pigment caught my eye, I swatched it on my hand and was like ‘I NEED TO GET THIS’, it reminds me of colours that are found in the Naked 3 palette, and I loved the colour so much I needed up wearing it to Katy Perry, and it lasted the whole night and didn’t smudge nor run. I also found that a little bit of Vanilla looks very nice with rose for a more subtle look…
So that’s it for pigments I purchased in London, and I am already eyeing up a few other colours I am desperate to buy this side of September.

Beki x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Magnificent Maleficent!

Please ignore my hideous smile/make-up, it was the best
 way to show the colour!!

Hello all!

I am writing this on my birthday, because going to watch cricket or horse racing isn't my idea of fun for a 17 year old on a Saturday afternoon...

So whilst I was in London two weeks ago made several trips to the MAC store in Covent Garden, as well as the concessions in Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Since the MAC Maleficent range came out a few weeks ago, and I had had my eye on the lipstick, ‘True Loves Kiss’, where I equally fell in love with the colour and the limited edition packaging.

But of course the majority of the range sold out immediately online, and the MAC store in my city is a very little concession in House of Fraser, so by the time I was writing a shopping list for London, it was put as a maybe item, as there are about 5 red lipsticks I want from MAC as well of the numerous other brands of red lipstick I own.
So when I got to the Covent Garden store Monday afternoon and saw the lipstick was out of stock, I was relieved and thinking, ooh money to buy something else, and that something else was the lipgloss, Anthurium. (I love how all the products have names relatable to the film, however I cant work this one out, if someone can enlighten me I will be forever grateful!!)

As said in a previous blog post, I am not a huge lipgloss lover, unless it is something unusual/different to what I would usually wear. But when I swatched the colour on my hand, the colour was so full I instantly fell in love with it, because for me, most red glosses often make the colour run or fade instantly, so the fact that the gloss was such a strong colour by its self, I knew I had to give in and go for it.
It’s safe to say I don’t regret it, and where better to wear it than to go and see Maleficent eh? I can safely say Disney have done a good job again, Angelina Jolie was just beautiful, and there were many points where my Mum turned to me  and told me to man-up because I was sobbing (if I cry at a film its because I get far to in to it!)

Like I said, the colour is lovely and full when first worn, but after half an hour or so it starts to fade and I was really annoyed about this, but when watching the film I realised that Maleficent never had full red lips, they often had a sheer effect to them with some areas more full than others(you get me?).
I would definitely recommend going to see it, and buying the lipgloss of course!!

Beki xx

*Other objects/products I purchased will be being reviewed and posted soon!*

Sunday, 1 June 2014

London, Les Mis, KP & Far Too Much Make-Up!

So as May half term is coming to an end and the realisation that I need to do all of my schoolwork today, I thought I would re-cap the amazing time I had at the beginning of the week. (This post may be a long one, but there’s just so much to say!!!)

I travelled up to London on Sunday, leaving Plymouth at 3pm, and finally getting to our hotel room shortly before 10pm, my Mum and I were absolutely exhausted, what with tube staff and an partially reliable map on my phone, the 40 minute journey took almost 2 hours! But by midnight and a sneaky alcoholic beverage later (shh don’t tell anyone) our bed was calling, ready for a long day tomorrow- 18 hours to be precise!

Monday was a day we planned for shopping and a trip to the theatre to see my favourite (Les Mis) in the evening. We headed to Knightsbridge first thing to go to Starbucks for breakfast, followed by the majority of the morning spent in Harrods to browse and purchase a Givenchy Lip gloss that I had had my eyes on for quite some time, we then headed to lunch in Covent Garden, ending up in The Verve, in between Leicester Square and Covent Garden (would definitely recommend by the way!)

We then headed for shopping around Oxford Circus and Covent Garden all afternoon, with shops including MAC (obviously), Jack Wills, The Moomin Shop, Topshop and Urban Outfitters, as well as many more! After a light tea in Bella Italia following a heavy lunch in The Verve we headed over to the theatre, and I was so excited about seeing Les Miserables again I honestly thought I was going to pee and cry at myself with excitement. After an amazing show and hideous weather, my Mum and I decided we wouldn’t go to stage door, as it we were both exhausted and just wanted to get home. And after finally getting to sleep about 1am, it was the end to one of two perfect days.

My unhealthy obsession with make-up apparent on the second day, when we decided to head back to Harrods so I could make even more make-up purchases than yesterday, especially in the MAC concession in Harrods (oops, but let’s be honest, who can blame me?) and far too long in Topshop, no kidding 5 floors of craziness is too stressful for me, I literally almost cried 10 minutes in.

Mid-afternoon we headed back to our hotel, as it was time for us to get ready for …KATY PERRY! Oh. My. Word. After a fabulous Nandos for dinner and a fairly good warm up act from Icona Pop, the concert was incredible. I sung my heart out the whole night, and I’m not gonna lie, I was apprehensive at first, following her fairly awful performance on The X Factor, but the whole show was just fab. The dances were perfect, the outfits were unbelievable, the little extra bits including Katy flying and someone going on stage during Birthday made it even more magical, and I wish I could go back and relive it all. After performing for 2 hours straight, it wasn't until the tube journey home I realised all my photos were pretty appalling, so I share with you the pictures from the picture book!

And that was all!
I will be writing posts featuring some of the make-up products I purchased throughout the next few weeks! 
Beki xx
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