Sunday, 6 April 2014

Promote A Charity- Parkinsons UK

Hi people!

I was meant to post this Friday, so I am already two days behind…silly Bek.

Basically I am now going to be writing to you about Blog Week(s)! Like most people, I have the next two weeks off and I decided that I would post something every day for the next two weeks from the Friday we broke up (hence why we are behind).

Oh well! Better late than never!

Posts will be literally about anything I am writing about, so expect, beauty, daily life, charity, lippy love and singing covers!

Technically this is post one, and this post is mainly going to be about…


Anyone remember reading about Promote a charity? Well that is starting TODAY! From the 7th-12th of April is Parkinsons Awareness week, a charity which is very close to me and my family’s heart. I couldn’t do the formal fundraising event I wanted to do, so I am doing something slightly different, which will then be combined with something I am planning on doing later this year.

Parkinsons ‘associated’ colour is turquoise/blue, so I am pledging that I will aim to wear at least one item of blue clothing every day for the next week- but with a twist. I will be posting many pictures on to my Instagram account, any picture you see including the hashtags ‘#turningblue’ and ‘#parkinsonsarenessweek’ (as well as many others), will symbolise that I am donating money to Parkinsons from that picture. I am currently thinking 2 likes = £1, as that way it will be easy for me to round up.

So I would be really grateful if you would check out my Instagram for the week, and if you go on my Instagram from this post and see my Parkinsons posts, please like, it isn’t going to cost you anything!

Thank you and see you tomorrow (aaah)

Beki x

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