Sunday, 13 April 2014

Parkinson's Outfit Recap

Parkinsons Outfit Recap

Bit of a quick post today- hopefully, I can keep it relatively short and sweet!

So as I said about a week ago, each day for Parkinson’s awareness, to do my bit I would wear some blue and post a picture to Instagram, wear blue? Yes. Post to Instagram every day? No. There were some days where being the blonde intelligent specimen I am, I would take the pictures, but then forget to upload them…

So from above- you can see that I wore blue on five different outfits on five different days (I kept my promise on that one.)

I have yet to tally the total from the ‘likes’ on the pictures, but because I failed at uploading pictures, it resulted in less likes. So when I finally come to donating (probably in June, where it will be alongside something else.) I will reveal a total then, as well as the number of views on this page being added in as well.

Judging by the number of tweets I saw that Parkinson’s had ben tweeting/re-tweeting, I would say this week has been extremely successful, and roll on next year!!

Beki xx

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