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Lippy Love ~ Tanya Burr!

Helloooooooo, its Lippy Love time!!!

Today I am doing a review on some lovely lip products, some of which you may recognise as they were designed by the beautiful Tanya Burr! (This blog post was written two days after I got the products back in early February, I was just too lazy to upload it :/)

Like many people in this world, I am a fan of many British YouTuber’s, so when I was watching Tanya’s Vlogmas videos late last year and she announced that she was releasing a nail polish and lipgloss range, I was uber excited for two reasons;

1)      For Tanya! She has worked so hard over the years and really does deserve it (look at me talking as if I know her!!)

2)      I knew I would instantly fall in love with the products, and also automatically pictured myself doing a little review on how lovely the products were!

Anyway, on to the review…

I ordered five on her lip glosses, I originally was going to order three, but finding a discount code meant I saved half of one other lipstick I liked, then just decided why not order five.

Choosing the five lip glosses I wanted was really difficult for me, if I had the money I probably would have ordered all of them as they colours are just so beautiful!

The five colours I ordered were:

     ~ Heart Skipped a Beat

     ~ Chic

     ~ Aurora

     ~ Exotic Island

     ~ Lets Travel the World

When I decided to review the products, I had an idea in my mind to test them both as lip glosses on their own, but also for people who like full lip colours (like myself), add a lipstick I think works well.

T-B, Heart Skipped a Beat,Chic, Exotic Island, Aurora,
Lets Travel The World

T-B, Heart Skipped a Beat,Chic, Exotic Island, Aurora,
Lets Travel The World

Heart Skipped a Beat

I really loved the colour of this lip gloss, and when the colours launched feel unique I knew this was going to be one of the three colours I wanted!

Generally, trying to find a nice pink/red lip gloss is difficult, as the colour often seeps on to your skin over a lipstick.

I found that with Heart Skipped A Beat, the colour wasn’t strong enough that you could wear it on its own, but as I said, I like a full lip, and a nice colour that goes perfectly underneath is Adrenaline from Urban Decay, so this didn’t bother me!


I don’t like wearing nude lip colours very often, as if I don’t want anything on my lips I just usually wear Vaseline or Carmex. So I decided on Chic (another of the original three) to try and convert myself into nude lip glosses.

 It’s a lovely natural colour that I have worn the most out of the colours I ordered over the past week, and I think it is safe to say I have been converted! The lip colour I am wearing underneath is Collection Little Mix Jade.

Exotic Island

Being extremely pale, the most common lip colour I like to wear are brighter colours, so when I saw Exotic Island was a pinky/purple colour, at first I wasn’t too interested and sort of just ignored the idea of ordering it all together, but after looking over and over again, I decided to order the colour.

I personally don’t like the colour on its own on me, as I think it doesn’t look very nice, but then realising that the colour could be easily worn with pink or purple, I found my Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom, I fell in love with the colour all over again, (it is also the colour that lasted the longest for me.)

Let’s Travel The World

As I mentioned, I like wearing brighter colours on my lips, and the next colour, Let’s Travel The World, is possibly my favourite lip colour out of the five I ordered, and I think this because…

My favourite lipstick is Punch Drunk from Urban Decay, and the lipgloss is a perfect match to the lipgloss.

I also found that the even though the colour is orange based, the colour goes over the top of a red lipstick and blends well.


I can see why this colour is becoming Tanya’s favourite, it’s such a pretty colour that is very dainty and neutral, and could be very popular this spring.

Similar to Exotic Island, the colour lasts for ages, which made me fall in love with the product even more as time went on.

But the most magical and completely coincidental part of this lipgloss is, whilst I was rummaging through my lipstick collection to find a lipstick that matched Aurora, I found a lipstick I hadn’t used for a good two/three years…magically, the name of this lipstick was Princess Rose, by Max Factor, and matched the lipgloss as if it almost knew the two could be combined together.

I hope you enjoyed this product review, I’m sorry it was so long winded, blame the beautiful colours and extra orders I placed!

Another Lippy review will be here soon!

See ya!

Beki xxx

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