Monday, 28 April 2014

Lippy Love~ Soap and Glory


I am so sorry I haven't posted for what seems like ages. I had way to much coursework to do(and still do, as well as maybe slightly accidentally breaking my laptop- not good!!) I promise I will be back uploading regular blog posts soon!!!

I really didn't know what to do this blog post about tonight, and I was really struggling with coming up with an idea for todays blog post. So I started to flick through images on my phone to look for ideas when I found an old image of a swatch. I looked at it and thought 'eh? Why do I have this on here?' Then I remembered that I got the pack of three Sexy Mother Pucker lip stick things (good description) from Soap and Glory for Christmas, I was looking at an outfit and wanted to determine which lipstick matched the best.

So here is a quick review, and I mean really quick!

I got a tin which had three colours in, a plum shade, neutral shade and pink shade. I think my favourite shade personally is the nude, as I don't own a stick/pencil in a similar shade, and the colour did last the longest out of the three. 

I found them to be very sticky on my lips, something which I really don't like, as well as the product feeling sticky for quite sometime.

One thing I did find is that the colours aren't very true to the colours shown on the tin. I personally think the colours are very dull and really weren't what I was expecting- especially the plum, which came out as a cross between the nude shade and the pink shade!

So overall I am slightly disappointed with these products, don't get me wrong if I was wearing an outfit and they matched I would wear them, they just may not be my first choice.

Thanks for reading,

Beki xx

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