Saturday, 12 April 2014



I am officially useless. I forgot to blog yesterday, so there 'should' be two posts tonight and two tomorrow, providing I get my bum in gear and get work done!

Ah Part 2!

As I mentioned at the end of the MAC haul, I went to boots after leaving MAC and did a bit of a drugstore haul, I couldn’t get loads as I had just spent a fair bit in MAC, but since there was a three for two offer on in Boots, I figured I could treat myself a bit more J

I started off by going to the brushes section, since I had just spent so much on some nice Make-up, I decided to treat myself to some decent brushes by Real Techniques. I bought myself the Expert Face brush and Blush brush, both of which are brushes that were recommended to me by friends, as well as looking at videos online as research.

I also picked up another Mascara, this is one I frequently use, Masterpiece Max by Max Factor. This was part one of my 3 for 2 done!
Sorry for the bad lighting, I really don't have good lighting in my room!

I then headed straight to Rimmel, where I noticed they had a Kate Moss lipstick in stock which hadn’t been there for ages! It’s a wine/red shade and at first I didn’t think it would suit me, but decided to go for it because the colour was so nice. After this, I looked at liquid eyeliner, as I like to use a thin line of eyeliner to emphasise my eyelashes when wearing a fairly natural eye.

By this point, I figured I was about done on buying, and there wasn’t much else I needed to buy, but I then saw I only had 5 items, and if I found one other I would be getting one for free. I quickly thought about what I wanted, and thought about an orange lip crayon I had borrowed off of my mum a few days earlier. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what brand it was, so started looking at all the brands and testing many different orange shades like a mad woman. I stumbled across the Seventeen counter, which is a counter I don’t tend to visit, and I found a gorgeous  orange lip crayon, it’s a full colour if applied thickly, but if you only apply one layer it comes out as a really pretty peach shade, something I don’t really have as a lip colour, so this excited me!

So Part 1 and Part 2 all happened in one day, but 5 days later I went to Exeter with my Mum, where I did a little damage at the make-up counter in Topshop…

Beki xx

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