Tuesday, 8 April 2014

February/March Make-up Haul PART 1

February/March Make-up Haul PART 1

Back in February, I needed to buy new make up as a matter of urgency, this included foundation, concealer, powder- yep, everything.

Being as ridiculously pale as I am, not many high street brands do a colour or range that matches my skin tone, so I decided to splash out on an expensive foundation which I knew was available for paler tones. So I turned to MAC J

I had tested Studio Fix Foundation in NW13 a few months earlier and knew that was slightly to dark for me, but may be well suited in the summer (IF I GOT A TAN), so myself and my Mum went in, where we were served by one of the lovely counter girls, who agreed that NW10 would be the perfect shade for me, as well as showing me the Pro Longwhere Concealer, in the equivalent shade in NC, NC15. If I am honest, I wish I knew there was a NC shade in the foundation, as I would have tested this, as with foundation, I much prefer to if necessary make my face paler with foundation then add colour with powder etc, I am not saying that NW10 isn’t a good colour for me, because it really is, but Ii may take a sample of NC when my foundation starts to run a little low in a fair few months’ time!

I also got a Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, and it is safe to say I love this powder! At first, I thought that it wasn’t very good as you couldn’t really see it on my skin, but this thought disappeared after a few days of trying, because after finishing my make-up and applying the powder, I realised it gives a very full/natural look without having to apply much, and you don’t necessarily need to top up loads in the day!

There was an offer on in Dingles the weekend we went in to purchase, therefore we chose to buy a few extra products to make up our money, in order to qualify for the promotion, my Mum bought herself two nails polishes and a lipglass (I don’t know what colours, but they were very neutral!) And I got something, very exciting, my first MAC lipstick…

It was a really difficult decision for me deciding on what colour I wanted to buy, as there are about 5/6 Lipsticks that I want to get from MAC currently, and I didn’t know where to start. In the end, the major decision was between Impassioned and Lady Danger, my mum swung it for me by saying, ‘You have loads of red lipsticks and barely any pink ones’, so I went for Impassioned, and I am definitely glad I went with this, because it matches perfectly with my Pink Docs, something I majorly love in my wardrobe.

So that was Part 1! Part 2 will be up soon where I went to Boots and did a bit of drugstore buying J

(spoilers in picture below!!)

Beki xx

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