Monday, 28 April 2014

Lippy Love~ Soap and Glory


I am so sorry I haven't posted for what seems like ages. I had way to much coursework to do(and still do, as well as maybe slightly accidentally breaking my laptop- not good!!) I promise I will be back uploading regular blog posts soon!!!

I really didn't know what to do this blog post about tonight, and I was really struggling with coming up with an idea for todays blog post. So I started to flick through images on my phone to look for ideas when I found an old image of a swatch. I looked at it and thought 'eh? Why do I have this on here?' Then I remembered that I got the pack of three Sexy Mother Pucker lip stick things (good description) from Soap and Glory for Christmas, I was looking at an outfit and wanted to determine which lipstick matched the best.

So here is a quick review, and I mean really quick!

I got a tin which had three colours in, a plum shade, neutral shade and pink shade. I think my favourite shade personally is the nude, as I don't own a stick/pencil in a similar shade, and the colour did last the longest out of the three. 

I found them to be very sticky on my lips, something which I really don't like, as well as the product feeling sticky for quite sometime.

One thing I did find is that the colours aren't very true to the colours shown on the tin. I personally think the colours are very dull and really weren't what I was expecting- especially the plum, which came out as a cross between the nude shade and the pink shade!

So overall I am slightly disappointed with these products, don't get me wrong if I was wearing an outfit and they matched I would wear them, they just may not be my first choice.

Thanks for reading,

Beki xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

How To Clean Make-up Brushes

Today my post is going to be about something I only recently learnt myself through the wonderful invention of Google, and that is an easy way to clean make-up brushes without expensive cleaners...

I recommend you do this maybe on a Friday/Saturday evening, giving the brushes plenty of time to dry before you next use them. Alternatively you can clean them whenever, I just think the evening is better giving them the night time to dry.

Apologies for lack of photos, I had to use my phone as I forgot to charge my camera(oops).

You will need:
~ Dirty Brushes!
~ Cup of warm water
~ Tiny Dish/Cup (Optional)
~ Fairy/Washing Up liquid
~ Liquid Make-up Remover (Optional)
~ Old Towel


Lay down your towel, with your brushes beside it, mix some fairy liquid in with the warm water.


Take a brush, dip 3/4- 1/2 of the hairs in the cup of warm water. 


Do circle motions similar to how you apply make up on the towel. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a couple of times until the majority of the soap is out of the brush. Quickly rinse under a cold tap and lay down to dry over night.


For brushes with more harsher colours/products on, including lip brushes or eye shadows, its better to use a make-up remover as it breaks down product better. Simply pour a tiny amount of make-up remover into a dish, then dip the brush 3/4- 1/2 of the way into the dish and do the same steps as Step 3.

Hope this helped!

Beki x


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My View of Goose

To start this blog, it is safe to say I love Dawn O’Porter. She is simply fab. I love her sense of fashion, her personality, her TV documentaries and her BOOKS! I have never done a book review before, and I don't think this will turn out very well, but here we go!
I didn’t know what to expect when I first read Goose, as I absolutely loved Paper Aeroplanes and could completely relate with Renee and Flo. A quote on the back of Paper Aeroplanes reads:

‘Anyone who has ever been a teenage girl will love it’, and I couldn’t agree more. I was reading it at the age that Renee and Flo were in the books, and was laughing along with the conversations they were having feeling like I was in the classroom as well. As soon as I finished the book I was ready for Goose…


 “It's a year and a half on from paper aeroplanes, and Renee is now living idyllically with her Aunty Jo. They even have geese, and Renee likes to sit and watch them, wondering if she'll ever find 'the One' - someone who will love her no matter what, and be there for her no matter how bad things get. She and Flo are in their final year at school, and they've got some tough choices to make - like will they go to university? And if so where - and will they go together? Renee's usual ambivalence on the matter shocks Flo, who had assumed they'd continue as they were, the best and closest of friends, forever. She feels as though she needs Renee's support more than ever, so when a handsome young boy enters Flo's life, she finds herself powerfully drawn to his kindness, and his faith. Renee and Flo's friendship will soon be tested in a way neither of them could have expected - and if paper aeroplanes was a book about finding friendship, Goose is the novel that explores whether it's possible to keep hold of it.”

When I first started to read Goose, I couldn’t get in to it at all, and it really upset me as I loved Paper Aeroplanes and wanted to love Goose just as much. So I made myself re-read the last 40 pages of Paper Aeroplanes last Tuesday in order to try and think only about Renee and Flo. It worked. On Wednesday our electricity was switched off from 9.30am-6pm, giving me plenty of time to restart Goose-and finish it!

OH MY GOD. This book was simply fab. I cried. I giggled. I smiled. I belly laughed. You name the emotion it happened. It is safe to say Goose is now my favourite book EVER. I literally have NO bad words to say about this book, the storyline was just perfect. My favourite parts being the pub section, Renee’s ‘relationship’ sections and SPOILER – the funeral section.

Does anyone else ever picture a human form of the character whilst they are reading a book and then picture them in familiar places to you, such as your home town even if it’s not even set there. I picture Flo as a Brunette version of Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. And Renee? I picture the type of teenage girl in your year group at school who was popular, but not the most popular, you mention a name she knows, with reddy/brown hair and a face full of make-up, but not too cakey.

What’s next you ask? Well, Oops is out in two years’ time *cries*, and I am praying they make Paper Aeroplanes either into a TV Film or a Film, as the inner drama student in me is desperate to play Renee, I am nothing like her in real life, but I just adore her relationship with Flo and her storyline in the book - quite simply I love her.


Beki xx


*Blurb/description written in italics is taken from Waterstones.*


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Seven Sins of Make-Up/Beauty


I saw a video of this on YouTube, so I decided to answer the questions on my blog!

1) GREED- What is the most inexpensive & expensive beauty product you own?


This is easily all of my MAC purchases, it is the most I have ever spent on a foundation, lipstick or powder ever!

- Studio Fix Foundation in NW10
- MAC Lady Danger & Impassioned Lipsticks
- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in Light


This is probably something silly like a pot of Vaseline or a Chapstick, as they are like £1 in Boots/Superdrug and I carry them in my handbag everywhere!

2) WRATH- What products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What has been hardest to find?

Oh my word, I have been a lover of red lipstick from about the age of 13/14,and have struggled to find one I like for years, I am lucky that I suit many shades of red on my lips, which is wonderful most days, and awful on others! If I think I look silly wearing that lipstick no sooner I apply it, I take it off and apply another. I currently like MAC Lady Danger (which I recently invested in and have only had one bad day with so far!!) and Barry M Lip Paint in Pillar Box Red (usually a red I end up using!)

3) GLUTTONY- What are your most delicious beauty products?

I have two! The Bubble gum lip scrub from Lush is really tasty and reminds me of the strawberry and bubble gum millions sweets! Also all of Tanya Burr's Lip glosses taste & smell of strawberries!

4) SLOTH- What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

Nail Polish on my toes! My finger usually have fake nails on, and I can rarely be bothered to paint my toes, maybe once or twice a year...

5) PRIDE- What beauty product gives you more confidence

A good foundation with good coverage! (Currently my MAC foundation!)

6) LUST- What do you find more attractive in the opposite sex?

A nice smile and can hold a good conversation *cringe*

7) ENVY- What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

Anything as I love most make-up items and have a slight addiction...

Let me know your 7 sins of beauty/make-up!

Beki xxx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Crazy Sock Lady!

Today I went in to town and I purchased no less than 12 pairs of socks and some JuJu jellies(my second pair to be exact).

It was only until I was in the shops that I realised how addicted I was to socks and their prettiness/cuteness.

Items purchased:

JuJu Jellies- Silver glitter, from Bank for £25

3 for £8 socks from Topshop in turquoise, green and grey with yellow flowers...

3 for £7 socks from River Island (pugs,lips and black/white/yellow) and the navy frilly socks I was currently wearing for £4...

5 pack of neon socks from primark!

All in all a pretty good day!! 

Beki xx


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Parkinson's Outfit Recap

Parkinsons Outfit Recap

Bit of a quick post today- hopefully, I can keep it relatively short and sweet!

So as I said about a week ago, each day for Parkinson’s awareness, to do my bit I would wear some blue and post a picture to Instagram, wear blue? Yes. Post to Instagram every day? No. There were some days where being the blonde intelligent specimen I am, I would take the pictures, but then forget to upload them…

So from above- you can see that I wore blue on five different outfits on five different days (I kept my promise on that one.)

I have yet to tally the total from the ‘likes’ on the pictures, but because I failed at uploading pictures, it resulted in less likes. So when I finally come to donating (probably in June, where it will be alongside something else.) I will reveal a total then, as well as the number of views on this page being added in as well.

Judging by the number of tweets I saw that Parkinson’s had ben tweeting/re-tweeting, I would say this week has been extremely successful, and roll on next year!!

Beki xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014



I am officially useless. I forgot to blog yesterday, so there 'should' be two posts tonight and two tomorrow, providing I get my bum in gear and get work done!

Ah Part 2!

As I mentioned at the end of the MAC haul, I went to boots after leaving MAC and did a bit of a drugstore haul, I couldn’t get loads as I had just spent a fair bit in MAC, but since there was a three for two offer on in Boots, I figured I could treat myself a bit more J

I started off by going to the brushes section, since I had just spent so much on some nice Make-up, I decided to treat myself to some decent brushes by Real Techniques. I bought myself the Expert Face brush and Blush brush, both of which are brushes that were recommended to me by friends, as well as looking at videos online as research.

I also picked up another Mascara, this is one I frequently use, Masterpiece Max by Max Factor. This was part one of my 3 for 2 done!
Sorry for the bad lighting, I really don't have good lighting in my room!

I then headed straight to Rimmel, where I noticed they had a Kate Moss lipstick in stock which hadn’t been there for ages! It’s a wine/red shade and at first I didn’t think it would suit me, but decided to go for it because the colour was so nice. After this, I looked at liquid eyeliner, as I like to use a thin line of eyeliner to emphasise my eyelashes when wearing a fairly natural eye.

By this point, I figured I was about done on buying, and there wasn’t much else I needed to buy, but I then saw I only had 5 items, and if I found one other I would be getting one for free. I quickly thought about what I wanted, and thought about an orange lip crayon I had borrowed off of my mum a few days earlier. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what brand it was, so started looking at all the brands and testing many different orange shades like a mad woman. I stumbled across the Seventeen counter, which is a counter I don’t tend to visit, and I found a gorgeous  orange lip crayon, it’s a full colour if applied thickly, but if you only apply one layer it comes out as a really pretty peach shade, something I don’t really have as a lip colour, so this excited me!

So Part 1 and Part 2 all happened in one day, but 5 days later I went to Exeter with my Mum, where I did a little damage at the make-up counter in Topshop…

Beki xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014



Bit of a weird different type of post today- which I was meant to upload yesterday, oops (I have an excuse though, we had no electric or internet ALL day).

I am going to try and keep this short, basically I bought a new pandora charm the other day, with a disney quote- 'a dream is a wish your heart makes' on it. Buying this had made me open my eyes and realise that every blog post I write or singing cover I upload is helping me 'achieve' my dreams- even if it's not even relevant.

I can safely say that uploading singing covers and blog posts is majorly helping me with my confidence, and it's making me want to do more with my life, and try to be the best I can be.

My Mum once said to me being optimistic and realistic are two completely different things, and in a sence  she is right, but the day your dream becomes true, surely it's then reality? Even if there are a few mishaps along the way.

What's my dream you ask? Well from the age of 7 I always knew I wanted to be on stage, and at the age of 13 it was apparent I wanted to be either Cosette, Fantine or Eponine in Les Mis(obviously not at the same time), and now I desperately want to do it, but if it doesn't happen, I am not going to be angry or disappointed with myself if I knew I never gave up on my dreams or stopped trying.

Beki xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

February/March Make-up Haul PART 1

February/March Make-up Haul PART 1

Back in February, I needed to buy new make up as a matter of urgency, this included foundation, concealer, powder- yep, everything.

Being as ridiculously pale as I am, not many high street brands do a colour or range that matches my skin tone, so I decided to splash out on an expensive foundation which I knew was available for paler tones. So I turned to MAC J

I had tested Studio Fix Foundation in NW13 a few months earlier and knew that was slightly to dark for me, but may be well suited in the summer (IF I GOT A TAN), so myself and my Mum went in, where we were served by one of the lovely counter girls, who agreed that NW10 would be the perfect shade for me, as well as showing me the Pro Longwhere Concealer, in the equivalent shade in NC, NC15. If I am honest, I wish I knew there was a NC shade in the foundation, as I would have tested this, as with foundation, I much prefer to if necessary make my face paler with foundation then add colour with powder etc, I am not saying that NW10 isn’t a good colour for me, because it really is, but Ii may take a sample of NC when my foundation starts to run a little low in a fair few months’ time!

I also got a Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, and it is safe to say I love this powder! At first, I thought that it wasn’t very good as you couldn’t really see it on my skin, but this thought disappeared after a few days of trying, because after finishing my make-up and applying the powder, I realised it gives a very full/natural look without having to apply much, and you don’t necessarily need to top up loads in the day!

There was an offer on in Dingles the weekend we went in to purchase, therefore we chose to buy a few extra products to make up our money, in order to qualify for the promotion, my Mum bought herself two nails polishes and a lipglass (I don’t know what colours, but they were very neutral!) And I got something, very exciting, my first MAC lipstick…

It was a really difficult decision for me deciding on what colour I wanted to buy, as there are about 5/6 Lipsticks that I want to get from MAC currently, and I didn’t know where to start. In the end, the major decision was between Impassioned and Lady Danger, my mum swung it for me by saying, ‘You have loads of red lipsticks and barely any pink ones’, so I went for Impassioned, and I am definitely glad I went with this, because it matches perfectly with my Pink Docs, something I majorly love in my wardrobe.

So that was Part 1! Part 2 will be up soon where I went to Boots and did a bit of drugstore buying J

(spoilers in picture below!!)

Beki xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Always


So I know I posted this morning, but I am posting again, to say that not only have I finally uploaded another cover on YouTube, but I have uploaded TWO!!!

Check them out :)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow :)

Always, By Scott Alan :)

Beki xx


Lippy Love ~ Tanya Burr!

Helloooooooo, its Lippy Love time!!!

Today I am doing a review on some lovely lip products, some of which you may recognise as they were designed by the beautiful Tanya Burr! (This blog post was written two days after I got the products back in early February, I was just too lazy to upload it :/)

Like many people in this world, I am a fan of many British YouTuber’s, so when I was watching Tanya’s Vlogmas videos late last year and she announced that she was releasing a nail polish and lipgloss range, I was uber excited for two reasons;

1)      For Tanya! She has worked so hard over the years and really does deserve it (look at me talking as if I know her!!)

2)      I knew I would instantly fall in love with the products, and also automatically pictured myself doing a little review on how lovely the products were!

Anyway, on to the review…

I ordered five on her lip glosses, I originally was going to order three, but finding a discount code meant I saved half of one other lipstick I liked, then just decided why not order five.

Choosing the five lip glosses I wanted was really difficult for me, if I had the money I probably would have ordered all of them as they colours are just so beautiful!

The five colours I ordered were:

     ~ Heart Skipped a Beat

     ~ Chic

     ~ Aurora

     ~ Exotic Island

     ~ Lets Travel the World

When I decided to review the products, I had an idea in my mind to test them both as lip glosses on their own, but also for people who like full lip colours (like myself), add a lipstick I think works well.

T-B, Heart Skipped a Beat,Chic, Exotic Island, Aurora,
Lets Travel The World

T-B, Heart Skipped a Beat,Chic, Exotic Island, Aurora,
Lets Travel The World

Heart Skipped a Beat

I really loved the colour of this lip gloss, and when the colours launched feel unique I knew this was going to be one of the three colours I wanted!

Generally, trying to find a nice pink/red lip gloss is difficult, as the colour often seeps on to your skin over a lipstick.

I found that with Heart Skipped A Beat, the colour wasn’t strong enough that you could wear it on its own, but as I said, I like a full lip, and a nice colour that goes perfectly underneath is Adrenaline from Urban Decay, so this didn’t bother me!


I don’t like wearing nude lip colours very often, as if I don’t want anything on my lips I just usually wear Vaseline or Carmex. So I decided on Chic (another of the original three) to try and convert myself into nude lip glosses.

 It’s a lovely natural colour that I have worn the most out of the colours I ordered over the past week, and I think it is safe to say I have been converted! The lip colour I am wearing underneath is Collection Little Mix Jade.

Exotic Island

Being extremely pale, the most common lip colour I like to wear are brighter colours, so when I saw Exotic Island was a pinky/purple colour, at first I wasn’t too interested and sort of just ignored the idea of ordering it all together, but after looking over and over again, I decided to order the colour.

I personally don’t like the colour on its own on me, as I think it doesn’t look very nice, but then realising that the colour could be easily worn with pink or purple, I found my Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom, I fell in love with the colour all over again, (it is also the colour that lasted the longest for me.)

Let’s Travel The World

As I mentioned, I like wearing brighter colours on my lips, and the next colour, Let’s Travel The World, is possibly my favourite lip colour out of the five I ordered, and I think this because…

My favourite lipstick is Punch Drunk from Urban Decay, and the lipgloss is a perfect match to the lipgloss.

I also found that the even though the colour is orange based, the colour goes over the top of a red lipstick and blends well.


I can see why this colour is becoming Tanya’s favourite, it’s such a pretty colour that is very dainty and neutral, and could be very popular this spring.

Similar to Exotic Island, the colour lasts for ages, which made me fall in love with the product even more as time went on.

But the most magical and completely coincidental part of this lipgloss is, whilst I was rummaging through my lipstick collection to find a lipstick that matched Aurora, I found a lipstick I hadn’t used for a good two/three years…magically, the name of this lipstick was Princess Rose, by Max Factor, and matched the lipgloss as if it almost knew the two could be combined together.

I hope you enjoyed this product review, I’m sorry it was so long winded, blame the beautiful colours and extra orders I placed!

Another Lippy review will be here soon!

See ya!

Beki xxx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Promote A Charity- Parkinsons UK

Hi people!

I was meant to post this Friday, so I am already two days behind…silly Bek.

Basically I am now going to be writing to you about Blog Week(s)! Like most people, I have the next two weeks off and I decided that I would post something every day for the next two weeks from the Friday we broke up (hence why we are behind).

Oh well! Better late than never!

Posts will be literally about anything I am writing about, so expect, beauty, daily life, charity, lippy love and singing covers!

Technically this is post one, and this post is mainly going to be about…


Anyone remember reading about Promote a charity? Well that is starting TODAY! From the 7th-12th of April is Parkinsons Awareness week, a charity which is very close to me and my family’s heart. I couldn’t do the formal fundraising event I wanted to do, so I am doing something slightly different, which will then be combined with something I am planning on doing later this year.

Parkinsons ‘associated’ colour is turquoise/blue, so I am pledging that I will aim to wear at least one item of blue clothing every day for the next week- but with a twist. I will be posting many pictures on to my Instagram account, any picture you see including the hashtags ‘#turningblue’ and ‘#parkinsonsarenessweek’ (as well as many others), will symbolise that I am donating money to Parkinsons from that picture. I am currently thinking 2 likes = £1, as that way it will be easy for me to round up.

So I would be really grateful if you would check out my Instagram for the week, and if you go on my Instagram from this post and see my Parkinsons posts, please like, it isn’t going to cost you anything!

Thank you and see you tomorrow (aaah)

Beki x
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