Monday, 10 March 2014

Yet another simple blog post...

So yet another simple post;

I actually have a fair bit to talk about, and wasn't going to write this post, but since I have been so lazy in posting on EVERYTHING recently, I thought I would be nice...


A new feature which I will be starting weekly! I have a major obsession with lipsticks, don't ask me why or how- I just do. Therefore I have decided to review and write about a lipstick/product/brand each week. Trust me I have plenty of lipsticks to last a while!


I love charities, and I do enjoy charity work, particularly for charities that have some relevance to my family, even if it isn't significant. This is why I want to start 'Promoting a Charity' each month, whether it be about one relevant to a month (e.g. Salvation Army @ Christmas), or one I am particularly fond of. Either way, its something I was really excited to write about.

I also have lots of things going on regards to school, and other exciting projects being planned in the very early stages right now, its all so crazy and busy I don't know where to begin!

New cover below; 'I'm Not that Girl' from Wicked, wasn't to happy with the outcome but I uploaded anyway, my voice isn't brilliant right now(stupid tonsillitis) so I did what I could do!

Don't forget to watch, subscribe etc!

Beki xxx

(*mwah* kisses to you for still reading!)

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