Sunday, 30 March 2014

DIY: Green Tea Facemask


This was another spur-of-the-moment blog post. But I wanted to show you this amazing face mask I often make that does wonders for your skin slowly and surely.

You will need:
~1 Green Tea Bag
~A container
~Ready-made peel off face mask
~tea tree pil(optional)

It's really easy, simply empty all the tea bag contents, a few drops of oil and all the mask in to a container, mix it together then leave on your face for 15-20 minutes. If it starts to "burn" don't panic. It's the tea-tree working on your skin!

Important notice!

Don't peel off until the mask is fully dry, then simply cleanse tone and moisturise your face before you go to sleep!

See- simple!

Beki xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Outfit Of The Day

Bellow! Ooh blog post day after another, getting rather organised now!

Not really..this was just an idea whilst I was getting ready this morning to show what I was wearing because I was ready for 10 minutes or so before I needed to leave for school!

~Jumper, Topshop
~Jeans, Mums/Hobbs
~ Boots, were Mums..

So that was pretty useless, anyway on to le face(I can't take serious selfies, hence the silly hand bit)

~ Foundation, NW10 Mac Studio Fix(??)
~ Concealor, NC15 Mac Studio Fix(??)
~ Powder, Mac Mineralize Finish, Light
~ Eyes, Max Factor Mascara, Naked3 Pallete Urban Decay, Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner

~Lips, Tanya Burr Lips and Nails, Exotic Island


Beki x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Lazy Blogger

Currently writing a blog post in the bath listening to Beyoncé, why not?


I went shopping (again) today, mainly purchasing presents for Mothers Day and birthdays, l treated myself too a couple new bits;

~ No7 Foundation Brush,

Fabulous foundation brush!!! Gives a really nice natural finish! (picture came out fuzzy- sorry!)

~Lush Fizzbanger Bathbomb

OH MY GAWWD. This bathbomb is just amazing. I went in to lush with the intention of buying myself my favourite bath bomb and bubble bar, possibly a hard shampoo as well. Did I do that? Kind of... This bathbomb instantly caught my eye, due to it being shocking yellow! And it smells of refreshers (sweets) as well which makes it instantly better!
I posted a video on my Instagram showing it in the bath...(see link below)

~Lush Rose Bubble bar


Similarly to Fizzbanger, this caught my eye instantly, as it just reminded me of a flower from Alice in Wonderland( one of my faves). I love the smell of it, it reminds me of Turkish delight that becomes very popular at Christmas time! I haven't used it yet, but I am sure it will be just as good as every other Lush bubble bar!!


I have soundcloud! I made the soundcloud account waaaaaaaay before I made my YouTube, but never posted anything...UNTIL NOW! I have posted a cover of 'I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Miserables, so have a listen :D


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lippy Love ~ Little Mix

Ummm welcome back?!

Okay so I haven’t properly posted in a while because I have been completely working my bum off in school (and the work load is only growing L) and spending my weekends mainly sleeping- except the past two Saturdays, where I have been shopping with my Mum and ended up buying myself a fair few new make-up goodies! I have separated those into different blog posts, and they shall be up soon.

So I wanted to talk about a new ‘feature’ I am putting in called ‘Lippy Love’, where each week I will basically go and talk about a type of lip product I either just purchased, or I have used in the week or I simply love!

So the products that I will be reviewing for Lippy Love this week are the Lipsticks designed by Little Mix for Collection Cosmetics.

When Little Mix first announced they were releasing a make-up range in August/September I wasn’t that interested, purely because when I saw the products online before I went in town and just thought ‘meh’. But then I suddenly remembered reading a tweet or comment Perrie made to a fan saying where her lipstick was from, and I liked the colour.

To put simply, I went into Superdrug with the intention to meet my friends and purchase Perrie’s lipstick, since I didn’t have a colour similar, it seemed like a logical plan – WRONG.

I left town with all the lipsticks except Jesy’s (which I ordered online as soon as I got home, after checking the second Superdrug and both Boots drugstores in town!!) as well as two new mascaras. Within 3 days I had all four lipsticks, and voila, my collection was complete, and now I think- why did I only want to buy one? -Having since had so much use out of these and liking loving the products!

Anyway- the review!!

All the colours are wonderful and the photos simply do no justice, especially for the likes of Jade’s lipstick, which has both nude and pink undertones, and looks lovely with most colours!


Jesy’s lipstick is a bright shocking red, the type of colour I love in a lipstick, as I have a very similar skin tone to Perrie, and bright lips tend to work for me!
The colour lasted absolutely ages, although like most red lipsticks, if you eat/drink something, you do need to re-apply else you end up with a lip outline!

I love this lip colour because it goes with where you want a statement, and for me, I like wearing red with either Black & White or Blue & White, both of which work perfectly well!


This is most definitely my favourite for more reasons than one- since this was the lipstick I originally wanted and lead me to buying the others. The colour is similar to a deep violet, but if applied thickly, I have found fades to a lovely lighter shade, either way, lasting for ages without having to worry about reapplying!

I have found this colour works really well with my Porcelain skin tone (as it did with Perrie's), (fun fact- according to my Nan I am the spitting image of her), I don’t see it, but if this is true, I am awaiting my 1D fiancĂ© ;)


This was the colour I was most unsure about, as I thought before I tested the colours, why would they have two shades of red in such a small collection?
This colour is sort of a deep red with tiny hints of burgundy, but if applied lightly, blends lovely with Jesy’s for an ombre lip look (which I hear is very popular this year!)

I found this was the colour that lasted the least out of the four, nevertheless I got plenty of wear out of the colour, which looked lovely in October and November on a dry, crisp winter’s day.­


Last but most certainly not least is Jades neutral lipstick, as I mentioned above which features pinks/brown/neutral undertones, making it a lovely colour on a natural makeup look day.

This colour without a shadow of a doubt lasted the longest compared to the others, this is probably because it’s not as bright as the others, and blends with your natural lip colour very well.

***SNEAK PEEK*** This lippy will be mentioned in a Tanya Burr product review soon- exciting!!!

Overall, I would give these lipstick 7.5 out of 10, this may seem fairly low considering all the positive feedback I have given it, but I promise they are definitely worth it!

You can purchase these products from Superdrug, Boots and Collection in store and online J

Well thanks for that, sorry for such a lengthy post however many days later than planned!

Beki xxx


Monday, 10 March 2014

Yet another simple blog post...

So yet another simple post;

I actually have a fair bit to talk about, and wasn't going to write this post, but since I have been so lazy in posting on EVERYTHING recently, I thought I would be nice...


A new feature which I will be starting weekly! I have a major obsession with lipsticks, don't ask me why or how- I just do. Therefore I have decided to review and write about a lipstick/product/brand each week. Trust me I have plenty of lipsticks to last a while!


I love charities, and I do enjoy charity work, particularly for charities that have some relevance to my family, even if it isn't significant. This is why I want to start 'Promoting a Charity' each month, whether it be about one relevant to a month (e.g. Salvation Army @ Christmas), or one I am particularly fond of. Either way, its something I was really excited to write about.

I also have lots of things going on regards to school, and other exciting projects being planned in the very early stages right now, its all so crazy and busy I don't know where to begin!

New cover below; 'I'm Not that Girl' from Wicked, wasn't to happy with the outcome but I uploaded anyway, my voice isn't brilliant right now(stupid tonsillitis) so I did what I could do!

Don't forget to watch, subscribe etc!

Beki xxx

(*mwah* kisses to you for still reading!)
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